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  • Forums: Very Interesting!

    Yeah, I like the Oscar spelling more, too OMGOSH! You just made me realize there was a flaw in the sibset! I didn't even notice the Scar thing, though it has always turned me off of

  • Forums: Nicknames for Scarlett

    " Scar " (which I actually don't think is that bad of a nickname, it grows on you after awhile). It's happened to be all of my life. People just automatically call me "Rach," even though I rarely go by that

  • Forums: WDYT of this 'unique' spelling?

    scar -LETT to me. I really love Scarlett, though! Best wishes to you! Scarlette instead of scarlet or scarlett... I heard somewhere that this was the original

  • Forums: Georgiana or Scarlett for our baby?

    Scarlett Hope is my pick! Just discourage people from calling her Scar if you dnt like that

  • Forums: What Would You Do In This Naming Situation?

    . I were the kid with only 2 names, I might wonder, but I doubt it would scar me for life. You could always let that child choose her or his own second middle name!

  • Forums: Would these names work?

    ">Charlie and Letty would be more acceptable, or Lottie and Scar , than Lottie and

  • Forums: boy girl twins

    ]LOVE Scarlett and Oscar is nice, too. I don't think this is too bad. Personally, I pronouce Scarlett as Scar -Let and I pronounce Oscar[/name

  • Forums: Downsides of the name Scarlett???? Opinions please

    another name entirely). I love Scarlett, and always thought Scarly would be cute spoken (though it looks silly written down) and that Scar could be very strong and cool for a teenager. The

  • Forums: nickname for Scarlett?

    . Otherwise: Ettie Etta Lettie Scar Cari Arla While I'm not sure if these are actually legit nn's, I came up with these

  • Forums: Futuristic name for a buff and rough male character

    goddess, but has a long thick scar running down the right side of her face. She can be sweet and kind, but if posed with danger she turns leathal and can curse like a salior. She fits in well with men, even

  • Forums: Scarlet or Ivy?

    because I would be afraid of the nn Scar for Scarlette Definitely Ivy Andrea - lovely IVY! I like Ivy much better

  • Forums: Names That You Don't Understand

    Scarlett - Scar Axel - Part of a car Bandit - Just no

  • Forums: Rank 1-5

    >.....the scar prefix is a turn off 5. Lily may be a classic floral option, but I am so tired of seeing this name, although

  • Forums: Which of these?

    " href="/babyname/Scarlett">Scarlett -- lovely, yet I tend to see the word scar too prominently these days for my liking. 3. Ella -- I do prefer longer

  • Forums: Still debating..Viola or Scarlett? Vote! MN for Scarlett?

    ] but I hate the nn Scar . Viola is also very pretty but I actually prefer Violet. Good luck! But I think Viola is such a beautiful

  • Forums: Still debating..Viola or Scarlett? Vote! MN for Scarlett?

    I would never, ever shorten it to Scar ...I'd use Lettie :) I would never, ever shorten it to Scar ...I'd use Lettie :) Yes. I hear the "she

  • Forums: Georgiana or Scarlett for our baby?

    I think Scarlett Hope is heavy on the word names. No one has ever called my 10 yr old Scar . She uses the nickname

  • Forums: Downsides of the name Scarlett???? Opinions please

    decision! GL Don't know if you're opposed to it, but I have heard Letti being a nickname...and I don't really hate the scar thing because ever seen 17 again? If not you

  • Forums: Max Number of C-Sections?

    your located, but think the maximum allowed here in Ireland is three. There are a few more issues with two close c-sections, such as the chance of the scar rupturing during pregnancy and/or

  • Forums: Gender Fender!!! Fun game!

    ]Elaina (f) Scar (m) Neal (m) Bobbie (f) Jillian (f) Harriett (f) Justin (m) Elaina (f) Scar (m) Neal[/name

  • Forums: Which S name do you prefer, and why?

    , I just see " scar ." Serena sounds very peaceful. Definitely Serena. It'll age better and isn't as trendy. Plus there are way better nicknames. Scarlett

  • Forums: Names That You Don't Understand

    /Cher">Cher Scarlett - Scar Axel - Part of a car Bandit -

  • Forums: Henna or Maddie? (nn)

    ="/babyname/Lettie">Lettie , Let, Scar -Scar , Rhedd (pop created it), Little Red , Scarly, and anything that comes off the top of our heads like

  • Forums: Please give suggestions!

    . I'm not a huge fan of Scarlett, I find the scar sound very harsh, but it's the best option on this list. Charlotte Miranda would be absolutely stunning as

  • Forums: Comments on my vintage list?

    by far. Scarlett I like it, but it has some negative associations imo. Scar is a likely nickname, and that was villian from The Lion King, and Scarlett

  • Forums: Let's talk about Lettie (Letty?)

    ">Vi -lot (and Scarlett sounds like Scar -lot) so it would totally make sense to me. Tilly is a stretch but it

  • Forums: Scarlett or Lily?

    the name Scarlett !!! I prefer Lily . I don't like the word scar represented in a name.

  • Forums: Step-sisters that rhyme? Do I dare??

    at shortening names and I fear naming her Scarlett would inevitably turn in to " Scar " no matter how much I freak about it. (He even calls our already shortened Allie "[name

  • Forums: Twin Girls!

    I picked Molly and Harriet. I also like either/or with either/or Amelia and Celia too :) Dad really likes Molly and Scar

  • Forums: Oliver or Oscar...which do you prefer

    ]Oscar and thought that it would be cute with Scarlet and they both have scar in the name without being too matchy. Other names I like for girls: Piper, Tessa