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  • Forums: Tell us about your hometown

    /> My closest city, which I do consider home, is Newcastle Upon Tyne . I adore it. It has a terrible reputation in the UK

  • Forums: Namebank CAF!!!!!

    ="girl" href="/babyname/Callie">Callie & Evie .LN: Newcastle DH: Benton

  • Forums: The Book Butterfly's New Baby Name Game

    --your future husband. What college did you get into? University of Newcastle What is your major? Palliative Care - Nursing What is your roommate's name?

  • Forums: Attending University in the UK...

    . But certainly give it a try if you fancy it. Durham is up north, near Newcastle . I don't know much else about the town other than that it has a beautiful cathedral

  • Forums: How Would You React To A Little Girl Named....

    ="girl" href="/babyname/Nettie">Nettie - wouldn't work round here, old Newcastle slang for a toilet Lucille - lovely

  • Forums: Your Duggar Family

    ">Marie Hubby's name: Joshua Steven Hubby's job: Manager Where do you live? Newcastle ,

  • Forums: Sweet Baby Name Game

    ="unisex" href="/babyname/June">June Edwards at her home in Newcastle for the summer. She was like a grandmother to you growing up and the greatest memories you have from your childhood are with her

  • Forums: The Guardian's Family

  • Forums: The Family, Part 1: You & Your Husband

    /> 3 or 4. He takes you out on a day in the city, Newcastle , and gives you a silver bracelet that looks this:

  • Forums: Later in Life BNG

    ">Roberta Hallett (5) Twin #2 | 37 years old. • One of the twin girls works as a ; English Teacher • She lives in ; Newcastle , England

  • Forums: All-in-One 20 Years Create-a-Family

    ="girl" href="/babyname/Matilda">Matilda this year who is now 19 years old! She is studying to become a primary school teacher specifying in teaching Maths at Newcastle University and we could