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  • Name: Baby Name Gaylord

    Best left on the old southern plantation, sipping his mint julep.

  • User List: Crazy But Awesome

    Crazy but awesome baby names!!! Mint , Sprite, Splash, Abecee, Whisp, Bockster, Anjal, Blirr, Soughte, Zeyleighe, Altha, Crayzee, Loughlla, Sckrippte, Rouhmanc, Kemikal, Xzolazy, Thire, Isc, Sckittlle

  • User List: Color names


  • User List: Spices - Beyond Basil And Ginger

    , Applemint, Barberry, Zeera, Nutmeg, Olida, Perilla, Sassafras, Annatto, Cress, Mint , Safflower

  • User List: Baby Names for the Color Green

    , FERN, IVY, HAZEL, PERIDOT, CYPRESS, WILLOW, ZELENKA, VERNA, ORAN, BERYL, ZEN, ORION, VERMONT, IRWYN, Midori, Viridis, Abib, Harit, Harita , Yashal, Mikaia, Pilisi, Yarkona, Mint , Verdelll, Verlyn, Berilo

  • Forums: This is kind of an odd request...

    ">Soren E is a very green letter to me while I is very blue, so most of the names I see as mint green contain one or both of them. I also found that there's a difference between names I read

  • Forums: Araminta?

    /smile.png" border="0" alt="" title="Smile" class="inlineimg" /> I'm not a fan of the ' Mint ' sound in Araminta and

  • User List: Colour names List

    , Limerick , Mint

  • Forums: This is kind of an odd request...

    are all lovely, thank you! Wondering if some of you can help me with somewhat of an odd request. I want to know what names come to mind when you think of or see the color mint green. I believe some

  • User List: The $4500 Basketball Shoe

    in mint condition, with tags attached, still in the box, and had never been worn. Astonishing? Not really, considering the air Jordan shoe is as popular today as it's ever already. When functioning

  • Forums: Write what your first association

    ="/babyname/Antonio">Antonio Mint Romola My husband's ex-wife's girlfriend, Toma

  • Forums: Write what your first association

    ">Electra Mint Romola

  • Forums: Write what your first association

    ">Nefertiti ?Harlem Electra Mint

  • Forums: Alcohol-Connected Names?

    it wasn't connected to the mint julep. YES! Julep is a great name. If not for a person (what gender?) then for a gay and frivolous dog

  • Forums: Write what your first association

    A classy Italian woman Mirabelle The book Acacia Mint

  • Forums: What are your favorite names not in the NB database?

    /> Valour, Cataluna (the Spanish name for the Catalonia region. I think it is gorgeous), Owl, Mint , Aslan, Lemony, Nightingale, Hesper, Hemera, Alke, Gelos, Soteria, Alectrona, Circios, Triton, Ersa

  • User List: The Ultimate Color Name List - truly extensive!

    , Heliotrope, Thistle, Octarine, Malachite, Burlywood, Cadmium, Carnelian, Ceil, Coffee, Coquelicot, Flavescent, Grullo, Icterine, Noir, Laurel, Lava, Limerick, Mint , Mulberry, Nadeshiko, Russet, Sepia

  • Forums: What kind of car would you want?

    I would get a Fiat 500C in Smooth Mint or Pasodoble Red .Everyone makes fun of me when I tell them, but I really want a Subaru Outback! Although

  • Forums: Think/Say

    I love Eloise and Eloisa they sound so beautiful This is my daughter Mint Hi

  • Forums: What do we think of...?

    feel I like. The name Wade makes me think of… Wading pools for children A Southern gentleman (I want to have a mint julep

  • Forums: The Wedding, Part I

    /Season">Season : Summer -- Location: Beach -- Colors: Mint green, black, and light gray

  • Forums: What are some ways to honor a Sylvia without directly using the name?

    god / dryad's / wilderness gods, etc.: Phoebe , Lotis, Daphne , Leuke, Mint , Mintha,

  • Forums: Floral Names Not on Nameberry

    , Vervain, and Mint as well.

  • Forums: Is Julep a mistake?

    and that is WAY too tacky, or does it make you think of a group of Southern belles sitting on a front porch sipping mint juleps? Or none of the above? I understand that it's

  • Forums: Baby Boy Flowers

    /> Trefoil Sumac Mint Cypress Yarrow Trillium

  • Forums: A Walk in the Woods...BNG

    ="/babyname/Beatrice">Beatrice (finnish for winter) Calla Araminta (calla lily, mint green) Liv

  • Forums: Think/Say

    , in the same realm as Bambi . These are my daughters, Mint and Esther , and my son, Roux .

  • Forums: Names that should be on nameberry, but aren't

    a My or maybe her name was Mynte ( Mint ) and called My , I cannot remember. I find it adorable. ^^ -

  • Forums: The Wedding, Part I

    /Season">Season : Summer -- Location: Beach -- Colors: Mint green, black, and light gray

  • Forums: Writer's Game, Pt. 1

    the house that lead you to him. He's there with the ring. 2: He hides the ring in your breath mint tin, the asks for a mint . 3: On bended knee at your favorite restaurant. 4: While