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  • Name: Baby Name Gaylord

    Best left on the old southern plantation, sipping his mint julep.

  • Forums: Pronunciation Araminta

    I would pronounce the first syllable like neither air or ahr but like the first syllable of arrow == ar-uh- MINT -a -- the same as this Italian pronunciation in its beginning, but not with that long ee

  • Forums: Araminta

    I like Araminta a lot. I think the " mint " part of the name is what appeals most to me as I think it has a refreshing sound. I don't think I would ever be bold enough to use it and I'm

  • User List: Color names


  • Forums: Araminta vs. Aminta

    " href="/babyname/Amy">Amy , so maybe it's that I like the AM- front and center. I prefer Araminta pronounced Mint . However, I really don't like

  • Forums: Reverse Color Name Game

    Willa Mint green? Darcy Naoise A pale, sandy tan.

  • Forums: I Scream, You Scream

    - Katherine Sienna Cinnamon- Jenni Mae Pistacio- Rocco Mace Mint Chocolate Chip- Katelyn[/name

  • Forums: OOTD Thread

    ="" title="Wink" class="inlineimg" /> Old medium-wash skinny jeans from H&M Mint -colored Adidas t-shirt New mint -colored Vans

  • Forums: I Scream, You Scream

    Road- Cinnamon- Pistacio- Mint Chocolate Chip- Cookies and Cream- Stawberry- Birthday Cake- Neapolitan- Chocolate- Bubblegum- Pecan Prailene- Cookie Dough- Brownie- Moose

  • Forums: Help with names

    . I would have reservations though because of the alcohol connotation of mint julep. I mean it's not terrible but alcohol names tend to fall quickly out of style according to the tastes that dominate

  • Forums: Whimsical Names - Opinions?

    ="/babyname/Symphony">Symphony - both genders. Cedar - boy Cinnamon - both genders. Mint - girl Honeysuckle - girl

  • Forums: Happy Birthday, Devinjes!!! (May 30th)

    Jessica's honor, cake (chocolate, decorated with a Larry King theme) and ice cream ( mint chocolate chip and butter pecan) will be served in the backyard all day. I'm

  • Forums: Flower Girls

    humanity, weeping willow: mourning) Zephyr (is also a flower) (meaning: expectation) Myrtle (meaning: love) Myrrh (meaning: gladness) Mint (meaning: virtue) Marigold[/name

  • Forums: I want to name our baby after The Princess Bride, my husband thinks I am cray cray.

    Australian mint details on the wiki page with the coins and my dads apprenticeship was with the Australian mint . rin - haha, yes, this post has me written all over it! better watch what I say

  • User List: Obscure Nature & Word Names for Girls

    , Glow, Goldenrod, Harvest, Helpful, Honeybee, Ibis, Illume, Jungle, Khaki, Koala, Lava, Lawn, Lime, Linen, Lioness, Lynx, Mantis, Maroon, Melon, Memory, Merit, Midnight, Mint , Mirth, Mulberry, Myrrh

  • Forums: Phone book sightings

    ="/babyname/Enos">Enos - how do you pronounce this? Menetha- reminds me of mint Liguori- Is this German or Italian descendant?

  • Forums: More color questions! Genevieve, Aurora, Evangeline, and Cordelia. :)

    ">Cordelia - red Genevieve - saffron Aurora - salmon pink Evangeline - mint green

  • Forums: Viola Celeste?

    (or mint julep ). It has an image of a Southern lady for me (which is a good thing!). Viola sounds old to

  • Blog Post: Minty Fresh Names: From Araminta to Pepper

    given a "fresh" lease on life. And often when we think fresh we think of mint . So why not combine the two? Here's a selection of some minty fresh names to get you thinking.

  • Forums: Be a name genie!

    . Mint 2. Summer 3. Spain 4. Liliana 5. GM Boy: Moroccan Camilo- Moroccan is a type of mint , Camilo is a spanish name. Girl: Birdie Liliana Grace- Birdie reminds me

  • Forums: OOTD Thread

    /wink.png" border="0" alt="" title="Wink" class="inlineimg" /> Old medium-wash skinny jeans from H&M Mint -colored Adidas t-shirt New mint

  • User List: The Ultimate Color Name List - truly extensive!

    , Heliotrope, Thistle, Octarine, Malachite, Burlywood, Cadmium, Carnelian, Ceil, Coffee, Coquelicot, Flavescent, Grullo, Icterine, Noir, Laurel, Lava, Limerick, Mint , Mulberry, Nadeshiko, Russet, Sepia

  • Forums: Thoughts on Xanthos...

    Honestly, it sounds like a breath mint .I like it. I think it's neat and has the familiar Xan nickname. I think you could even stretch to

  • Forums: The color of names game

    Eloisa - white Adrian Mint green Belle

  • Forums: OOTD Thread

    /> Medium-wash skinny jeans from Hollister Mint -green colored Vans Basic ivory crew-neck sweater Black jeans from H&M

  • Forums: Your Nutcracker Ballet Name (Nephele's Anagrams)

    namelover7, your dancing costume is made of green mint leaves, to reflect the refreshing mint candy that you portray in the Land of Sweets. Your name is: Alisha[/name

  • Forums: Araminta; Opinions/thoughts welcome!

    mint part that I cannot get passed. I jut see enormous teasing potential for a name that is not that pretty. I get that there are a lot of Bella's out their but Arabella is SO

  • Forums: Araminta vs. Aminta

    mention I'm knitting a little dress in mint -colored yarn, which might be why I'm so drawn to this name right now. I do prefer the -Meen-ta pronunciation as a whole for the name and my take is

  • Forums: Down to six boys and four girls names. Please weigh in.

    is the name of a tiny little town, famous for producing Kendall Mint Cake (minty sugar to give hill-walkers energy). It's much too masculine (nn Ken?). However, if this isn't

  • Forums: Happy Birthday, HappyDreamsBee!!!! :-)

    pet rock named Percival, a bedazzled leotard (pink with purple bedazzled-ness), Clue (the special edition), one red onion, season one of Fraggle Rock on DVD, mint -flavored