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  • Forums: Could this be used as a middle name.....

    Do you think Melrose could be used as a middle name? thoughts on this... Its perfectly fine to put in the middle spot, although it might depend if it flows with

  • Forums: WDYT of Melrose?

    The first thing I think about is Melrose Place/ Melrose Avenue but I think it can work as a name especially for a girl who's not american. It reminds me of the girl on

  • Forums: Names like Bellamy?

    I like Bellamy, it reminds of names like Kendall, Delaney, etc. I like Melrose ! good suggestion!

  • User List: Classy Names Beyond Anne

    Clara, Ashe, Glynn, Melrose

  • Forums: Need help with combos

    So I have some names that I don't have any ideas on a middle names for them. -Girls- Melrose Ruth -Boys- Gannon Chandler Jase And I have one

  • Forums: WDYT of Melrose?

    It seems pretentious to me. It's pretty, but I wouldn't want to be named after a soap opera. Nice name. Too Melrose Place, but it doesn't ruin the name for me. I was born in the

  • User List: Scottish Place Names

    , ALVA, AILSA, CARA, FARA, HOY, IONA, ISLA, SKYE, ARRAN, HERIOT, ALMOND, CARRON, EDEN, HOPE, KELVIN, Beeswing, Montrose, Lauder, Annan, Cupar, Dysart, Alyth, Melrose , Vaila, Eriska, Teviot, Medwin, Lenzie

  • Forums: middle names brain freeze!! help?

    ] Amos Melrose Bellatrix ? (Too Harry Potter??) Soren Sean (although my guy refuses to have a son named after him) Avery

  • Forums: Hau rong can yoo spel thees nayms?

    />Annystaisha Melrose Mehlroh'zze Dominic Dauminnick Megan M'ehggahnne

  • Forums: Melrose Names

    I was just watching the new Melrose place... and they all have beautiful names... Violet Ella Riley Lauren Sydney August

  • Forums: New route to Mel?

    class="girl" href="/babyname/Melinda">Melinda Melrose Pamela Amelie Armelie

  • Forums: Laiklee?

    ] Confederate (my bro has a thing for the civil war...) - This is awful...I think you might as well name her "slave"... Anastasia Melrose - not a fan of Anastasia, but at least its a

  • Forums: what sounds better?

    Linley Melrose Carlotta Rose Philomena Rachel Margaret Rachel Karris Dianne/March[/name

  • Forums: Disney Name Quiz 2

    /> Melrose Taylor Damian Christopher

  • Forums: Elimination Game: IF I WERE A CELEB

    /Geneva">Geneva Noel Melrose Dropped: Coffee and Aslan Added: Melrose Horatio

  • Forums: 50 States: Places in Massachusetts Namebank CAF

    > Chatham Marion Dana Chatham Melrose Lee Chatham

  • Forums: Disney Name Quiz 2

    ="/babyname/Alexander">Alexander John DD: Melrose Leighton DS:

  • Forums: Disney Name Quiz 2

    ="/babyname/Alexander">Alexander John DD: Melrose Leighton DS:

  • Forums: Laiklee?

    ...) Anastasia Melrose Anniston Seraphina Antoinette Grace Ireland Miracle Albany Isobel[/name

  • Forums: Family of 9 expecting triplets!!!

    Lillian Bella (Lilly)-18 yrs Thomas Allen(Allen)-16yrs Melrose Michelle (Melly/Rose[/name

  • Forums: Elimination Game: IF I WERE A CELEB

    ">Windsor Icarus Geneva Noel Melrose Dropped:

  • Forums: I can FINALLY ask about names!!! (preggo!)

    congatulations on your twins ! blance melrose nora colette vivian arabella amabel kendall dakota echo dahlia savannah

  • Forums: The Renesmee Name Game

    ="/babyname/Olive">Olive and Melrose

  • Forums: Middle name for a First name!

    ">Marisol Alessandra Jolene Jane Melrose <3

  • Forums: Laiklee?

    that name!). Moving on... Anastasia Melrose - This is a HUGE improvement, although their style seems to be more unisex so I am confused. And, Melrose just reminds me of Melrose Place, and

  • Forums: Laiklee?

    best are Anastasia Melrose Esmeralda Marie Lilac Tabitha Annabella Nichelle My vote goes for Lilac[/name

  • Forums: Disney Name Quiz 2

    /> Son 1: Jonathon Jack Daughter 2: Melrose

  • Forums: Laiklee?

    Melrose - Anastasia is great, Melrose too commercial Anniston Seraphina - Much better when they're reversed as Seraphina Anniston[/name

  • Forums: Laiklee?

    for the civil war...) Anastasia Melrose Anniston Seraphina Antoinette Grace Ireland Miracle Albany[/name

  • Forums: help us work on our girls list please!!

    can still appreciate it. Also, this kind of name is really popular now (or will be soon). Melrose - like Melrose Place? I believe that's a soap opera. Rosalie - prefer Rosaline[/name