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  • User List: Male Puppy Dogs

    Names for male puppy dogs DENVER

  • User List: Male Fantasy Names

    A list of male names that I might potentially use for fantasy characters.

  • User List: Male

  • User List: Character Names (Male)

  • User List: Male Baby Names

    A list of male names that I might potentially use if I ever have children. JACK

  • Name: Baby Name Shia

    The young male star Shia LaBeouf has given this name some male muscle, but many would consider its sound soft and feminine.

  • Name: Baby Name Albinia

    The original male name Alban is a lot sleeker and more usable.

  • Name: Baby Name Benjamina

    The kind of feminized male name that never caught on.

  • Name: Baby Name Beta

    If you can't have an Alpha male , how about a Beta girl.

  • Name: Baby Name Calvina

    There are several better Cal- names that don't simply echo a male form.

  • Name: Baby Name Glenna

    Honoring a male relative. Be bold and go with Glenn.

  • Name: Baby Name Pacey

    Although this was a male name on "Dawson's Creek," it works even better for girls.

  • Name: Baby Name Rilian

    A male character in The Chronicles of Narnia , but could conceivably be used for a girl.

  • Name: Baby Name Vali

    Although a bold male figure in Scandinavian legend, this is more appropriate for a girl.

  • Name: Baby Name ZÀn

    Confusion with English male name Zan could cause pronunciation problems.

  • Name: Baby Name Zhane

    Mix a bit of old-fashioned Jane with the male -inflected Zane, et voila.

  • Name: Baby Name Alva

    Edison's middle name, too feminine for the modern male .

  • Name: Baby Name Cheyenne

    Started as a western male name, but has been lassoed into cowgirl territory.

  • Name: Baby Name Dana

    Not often heard as a male name these days.

  • Name: Baby Name Enos

    Don't saddle your son with a name that rhymes with a male body part.

  • Name: Baby Name Hadriel

    An alternative to the formerly male Ariel, which is now in the grasp of "The Little Mermaid."

  • Name: Baby Name Sierra

    Although used for a male soap character, this is now an almost exclusively feminine choice.

  • Name: Baby Name Zoilo

    A male take on the feminine name Zoe, it's hard to give an attractive pronunciation.

  • Name: Baby Name Brycin

    Slightly awkward girl's version of a straightforward male name.

  • Name: Baby Name Murran

    This cousin of the male Murray is well used in modern Scotland, as is the somewhat similar Mirran.

  • User List: Male Names

  • User List: Future Baby Names - Male

  • Name: Baby Name Adalia

    Luxurious and distinctive, with a biblical bacground--although in the Good Book,Adalia is a male .

  • Forums: Unisex Names: Which Gender Comes to Mind?

    Juno - female Kieran - male Rory - male

  • User List: Podling Carr (Male)

    Brainstorm List for podling - male First names and middle names, mixed CORMAC, PUCK, LACHLAN, RORY, RHYS, SOREN, NOLAN, SEAMUS, FERGUS, MAGNUS, FROST, FAULKNER, IVAN, DECLAN, TIERNAN, TALON, BISHOP