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  • Name: Baby Name Joaquina

    As Joaquin enters the American mainstream , his sister might just follow.

  • Name: Baby Name Nechama

    Traditional Hebrew name that has never entered the American mainstream .

  • Name: Baby Name Nisha

    We don't see this translating too well into mainstream American.

  • Name: Baby Name Hakan

    Native-American choice that could translate easily into mainstream American culture.

  • Name: Baby Name Harvard

    With Yale and Brown in the mainstream , why not this upscale college name and surname as well.

  • Name: Baby Name Igashu

    Igashu has a primitive feel that doesn't quite fit into the modern mainstream .

  • Name: Baby Name Shmuel

    Less than zero chance of crossing into the mainstream .

  • Name: Baby Name Taya

    Taya has recently jumped into the mainstream name pool, perhaps because of kinship with Maya and Kaya.

  • Name: Baby Name Raphaela

    A euphonious and lovely name with a dark-eyed, long-flowing-haired image, Raphaela is, like Gabriella and Isabella, beginning to be drawn into the American mainstream .

  • Name: Baby Name Raffaela

    into the American mainstream .

  • Name: Baby Name Chance

    Once a cavalier Mississippi gambler type name, Chance has entered the mainstream and is rising rapidly; endorsed by such celebrity dads as Larry King and Paul Hogan.

  • Name: Baby Name Salinger

    Fervent fans of The Catcher in the Rye might want to consider this as a literary tribute. More mainstream alternative: Holden.

  • Name: Baby Name Jex

    Decidedly offbeat name that combines jauntiness with sex appeal and would certainly set your son up for life outside the mainstream .

  • Name: Baby Name Mateo

    This attractively energetic Spanish version of the classic Matthew is primed to move further and further into mainstream American nomenclature. Actor Colin Firth has a son called Matteo, which

  • Name: Baby Name Rafaela

    and Isabella, beginning to be drawn into the American mainstream . Seductive Girls star Jemima Kirke named her daughter Rafaella Isreal--and her son Memphis.

  • Name: Baby Name Jupiter

    Jupiter's partner Juno has entered the mainstream , so it's possible that her divine mate could follow. The name of the supreme Roman deity and the largest planet has until recently had either too

  • User List: Classic Girls Names That Don't Feel Trendy

    Simple, classic, elegant, old-fashioned names that haven't become mainstream yet again (though they might be close!). HARRIET, HENRIETTA, AURELIA, MARILLA, DOROTHY, CAROLINE, AUGUSTA, HELENA, SYLVIA

  • User List: A list of Weird (to me) Names I secretly like

    I'm someone who generally leans toward more common, mainstream names so to me these are a little more out there than I'm used to admitting to liking! enjoy my quirky name list! ATHENA, JULIETTE

  • Name: Baby Name Andromeda

    -syllable mythological names are gradually making their way into the mainstream . Andromeda Tonks (nee Black), is a Harry Potter character Cousin name Andromache belonged

  • List: Latin Baby Names

    filtering into the mainstream . Here, some Latin baby names increasing in popularity.ALEJANDRA, ANGEL, CAROLINA, PENELOPE, ANTONIO, ALICIA, ALONDRA, ANA, BIANCA, CAMILA, DULCE, ELIANA, ESMERALDA, GUADALUPE

  • Name: Baby Name Matteo

    This attractively energetic Italian version of the classic Matthew is primed to move further and further into mainstream American nomenclature; in terms of popularity, it has moved to Number 77

  • Name: Baby Name Rocco

    Madonna did much to polish up the image of this old-neighborhood Italian choice when she picked it for her son with British director Guy Ritchie; it now feels much more mainstream , sharing the quirky

  • User List: Harry Potter Names, part 1- mainstream

  • Forums: Name for my character's daughter?

    Mainstream story, set in modern day Australia. She's 5 years old with brown hair and blue eyes. Her mother picked a relatively common name (top 50).

  • List: Unusual Nature Baby Names

    There are lots of great nature baby names around these days, some of them mainstream -- Lily, River -- and many more off the beaten track. Here, some of the most unusual baby names drawn from

  • Name: Baby Name Natasha

    Natasha, an appealing, still exotic name, entered the American mainstream post-Cold War, but seems to have peaked in the eighties; replaced by the more straightforward Natalie. Singer Tori Amos came

  • Name: Baby Name Saoirse

    it SIR-sha) But now it is slowly way edging its way into the mainstream , particularly, of course, with parents who have Irish roots. Saoirse has been a popular name in Ireland since it began

  • Name: Baby Name Aidan

    of the sun and fire. The name was borne by numerous early Irish saints, one of whom was noted for his kindness and generosity. Aidan was first introduced into the mainstream American consciousness

  • Name: Baby Name Crispin

    Crispin, which was introduced into the mainstream by actor Crispin Glover and which means "curly-haired" in Latin, has an image very much like its first syllable: crisp, autumnal, and colorful.