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  • Forums: delete pls

    . NN of Zazie, Azie, Zurie, Zur are OUTSTANDING! love love love Azure! Also, i read your other posts and Azure Tigerlily is FAB-U- LOUS !YES, hopefully he loves [name

  • Forums: Your FABULOUS Opinions!

    would be fab-u- lous as well!! Anyone who responds you are lovely! --SJ Here are my initial thoughts (great list, by the way!): Delia -- I LOVE this name! And I adore

  • Forums: Maisie, Annabel, or Evie?

    > might be becoming more popular, but I know you won't meet too many Evie Lous ! Madeleine Louise is also

  • Forums: Clara Louise or Louisa Claire?

    ">November ). I actually tried to call her Lou for a while, but it just didn't feel right. Sometimes I call her Lou -Lous if I'm feeling silly, but

  • Forums: Alice - but not Ali - vs. Louise/Louisa

    >. Just Alice . And Louisa gets an equal amount of Lous and Louisas

  • Forums: #5 for our spunky/literary family

    Gardner sounds really fun to us aswell. Fitz loves Clemency Lilias Gardner too ! Crewe is fab-u- lous ! Hawthorne

  • Forums: A little baby crazy! :) <3

    mix has a random fear of lous things falling and long cords or ropes and refuses to cross them. Obviously this is an unacceptable trait in a protection dog so we trained him through gun shot sounds and

  • Forums: Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder: Boys

    ">Luther anything you like? You've got a lot of my favorite names on your list so I of course think you've got FAB-U- LOUS taste in names. Top 10 in order: