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  • User List: Ruby Rose has a dog called Sadie, a cat called Mirabel and a sibling on the way...

    , CALVIN, DEX, TARA, PENELOPE, CASHEL, SIAN, ZETA, ELEN, KIVA, TALIESIN, ANJALI, Isidore, Nessan, Amaliah / Amalia, Siva, Margeurite, Maelona, Maeleri, Llyr , Sita, Maitri

  • User List: Names other people chose

    Or wanted to choose. I'm just putting them here, so I know which names are already taken. Leon Thomas, Peter Cormac, Peregrine Llyr , Elodie Nova, Lotus Elodie, Luna Isolde Frost, Isolde Noor, Aurora

  • User List: Welsh Mythology

    , CARADOC, CERIDWEN, DYLAN, ELEN, GWYNN, IDRIS, MADOC, MATH, OLWEN, RHIANNON, TALIESIN, Amatheon, Arawn, Arianrhod, Bleiddwn, Blodeuwedd, Brenin, Caswallon, Don, Elffin, Govannon , Gwydion, Hydwn, Lleu, Llyr

  • Name: Baby Name Bronwen

    />Bronwen Morgan is the lovely heroine of the classic novel and movie How Green Was My Valley . In Welsh mythology, Bronwen was the daughter of Llyr , the god of the sea. Close cousin Branwen

  • Forums: Berry Combo Statistics

    " href="/babyname/Desmond">Desmond Llyr Malachi Bjorn

  • Forums: Newest Boys List

    /Gregory">Gregory Lir -- is Lir like Llyr ? Sebastian Willem

  • Forums: Quick Rant About "Out Dated" Names!

    aren't names at all. Ithuriel and Llyr and Gwydion and Nimue are "weird". You know what? I don't give a flying f***! I love those names. I have my reasons why I love them and I

  • Forums: Seeking my knighty lad...

    ="/babyname/Leonidas">Leonidas Lindsay Lister Llyr Ludo Lupin

  • Forums: My Eccentric Favorites --- What Do You Think?

    ="/babyname/Ignatius">Ignatius Lir, though I'd spell it Llyr or maybe even Lyr. It just looks better with a y. Silas