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  • Forums: What to do about Bea?

    as one of my top contenders! I like Kinsley, Everly, Ellery and Livianna , though I think Livianna goes best with Bea.

  • Forums: Romantic, feminine, classic names :)

    ] Isadora Livianna Rhiannon Violetta Eugenia Lucianna Cordelia Florencia Octavia :) Victoria[/name

  • Forums: What to do about Bea?

    ]Kinsley, Everly, June, Rylan, Kalea, Livianna . I want it to flow nicley and I don't want an old fashion names cause Bea is such a

  • Forums: Full Name for nickname Liv?

    " options out there. Help please? I like Livana, but Livianna is too frilly for me! Why is Olivet a religious name? Thanks everyone for your suggestions

  • Forums: Wdyt??

    -nah. Hey berries, I was wondering what you thought of the name Liviana? Also is it spelled Liviana or Livianna because either way the auto check still thinks it's wrong.

  • Forums: Sibset makeover game! B/G pairs

    Greydon + Gemma Josef + Livianna

  • Forums: Hello

    ] Mei Lana Belle Livianna Paige Delilah Clark Addison Charlotte Sophia Violet[/name

  • Forums: Siblings for Cassia Violet?

    your original pairs and I think it works great. Livianna Chiara Serena Cornelia Can you tell I like the A sound? LOL Out of your boys names I think Gideon

  • Forums: I need YOUR opinion?!

    ="#4B0082">- I like the first two names, but #3 is nmsaa. #5 Brooke Livianna Imogen Edwards[/COLOR

  • Forums: I need YOUR opinion?!

    ="/babyname/Jette">Jette Edwards #5 Brooke Livianna Imogen Edwards Boys: #1

  • Forums: Sibling name for Adalena, Charlotte, Jude, and Corban.

    > Liviana I prefer the Liviana spelling over Livianna . It just looks neater in my opinion. Some suggestions: Emma

  • Forums: Fraternal Girl name to go with Milo Braer

    ] Fawn Georgiana Fawn Josephine Fawn Livianna Fawn Madeleine Fawn Mirabel Fawn

  • Forums: Renaming Myself, Need Advice

    /smilies/biggrin.png" border="0" alt="" title="Big Grin" class="inlineimg" /> Livianna is cute which you could consider. I'm considering changing my name to Sadie

  • Forums: Liv or ways to get to it... And other questions:)

    ="inlineimg" /> It isn't common but it's such a nice way to get Liv . How about Livianna ? Or Liviella? You could call her Liv

  • Forums: girl names that match the set

    ] Gwendolen Coraline Jessamine Livianna Orleanna Rosalind Theodora Veronica Winona Hermione

  • Forums: 3 x 3 for the Girls

    ="/babyname/Len">Len Lorelai -Lor Sylvia -Syl Livia /Livianna -Liv

  • Forums: A Medium list...

    ="/babyname/Olivia">Olivia , Livianna or just Liv Amaya Genevieve - i

  • Forums: Your Who Family! 96 Daughters and 1 Son!

    /> 39.) Polly Veda ' Polly ' 40.) Livianna Tay ' Liv '