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  • Forums: Jadzia??

    not a trekkie, so I've never heard of it, and I think I am probably pronouncing it incorrectly. :) I would say "JAD-zee-uh." I NAMED MY DAUGHTER JADZIA . I HEARD IT WAS POLISH FOR [name

  • Forums: Jadzia??

    my list, I just thought the nickname Ada might help the name Jadzia fit better amongst my other favourites. Thank you for yours replies. I agree with you all about the nickname

  • Forums: A mission for the -ah sound

    /> Jadzia Delphine Jazmina Dixie Juliska

  • Forums: Please help us find the perfect Name(4 weeks to go)


  • Forums: Think/Say

    " class="inlineimg" /> Hello, this is my friend Jadzia !Say : Oh, hello dearie. Go play with Nataschenka . Think

  • Forums: Jadzia??

    think any Trekkies will think the connection is cool and civilians will simply think it is a lovely name. Since most people will never have met or even heard of a real-life Jadzia , the only one

  • Forums: Star Trek Names

    characters that happen to be actual human names or that sound close enough that you could use them. For instance, I don't know that I would use Jadzia or Ezri , but they are both

  • Forums: Names for Sibling Kitties

    . Maybe Dax and Kes if you want to mix series. My favorite Star Trek name is Jadzia , but I don't know how wearable it is on a cat. :-)

  • Forums: Looking for beautiful girl names that start with J... suggestions?

    /> Jacinta Jadzia June Jael

  • Forums: A mission for the -ah sound

    ______a D_______ Thanks for Jadzia how is that pronounced? I like the way it looks but not sure how it rolls off the tongue. I was thinking Jadzia Denali ? ?

  • Forums: "Bad" names from your area

    large playgroup and these are the names that make me cringe. Girls: Jadzia (I was told the child was named after a Star trek character) Alby Irienus (I-re-nus) Boys: Tool

  • Forums: Names with Zs

    /Aliz">Aliz ée Andzelika Azemina Charlize Fairuza / Firouzeh Jadzia

  • Forums: Help with Jade variation?

    without stumbling over the letters. I like Jade . Or Jada , perhaps. Or what about Jadzia ? Badass meaning - War Battle.

  • Forums: We Need Space Names!

    " href="/babyname/Ripley">Ripley , Lt. Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, Capt. Kathryn Janeway, Jadzia

  • Forums: "Bad" names from your area

    " name but I guess that there is no better word to discribe it. My daughter is active in a rather large playgroup and these are the names that make me cringe. Girls: Jadzia (I was told the child was

  • Forums: 4th child - Really need help with a unique Girl's name-

    /> Shasta Seabrook Palisade Holliday Jadzia Delft Cair Fairlight Silhouette

  • Forums: Favourite Sci-Fi Guilty Pleasure Names

    " href="/babyname/Adrian">Adrian so it feels fitting I also like Jadzia , but would probably never

  • Forums: Out there names

    make such a good list for the boys, though. My top girls name is Satyana! Love it Jadzia Ocean Isabeau Isola Xenia

  • Forums: Who is Ezri?

    Trill. (It would be awesome if your Ezri looked like Ezri Dax - in my nerdy opinion. Jadzia is also not a bad name

  • Forums: The Gosselin 8

    ="/babyname/Felicity">Felicity G - Hannah Jadzia B - Abram Julian B -

  • Forums: Russian nicknaming

    . Jadwiga >> Jadzia . Micha ł ( Michael ) would probably get Micha ś as a child

  • Forums: Give me your weird, unusual, rare, and very rare.

    Badgley Jadzia Inara Bantam I keep adding to my list, you can check back, if you feel like it, for more suggestions! Achlys (Greek; mist of death

  • Forums: Give me your weird, unusual, rare, and very rare.

    /> Badgley Jadzia Maze Inara Bantam Sands Pastel Panto Cezanne Vie Vista Vanderbilt Vassar Vaticani Vivaldi Vicary

  • Forums: Top Ten Dream Names

    ">Cordelia Matilda Miriam Gemma Georgina Jadzia

  • Forums: Spunky Names?

    /Pixie">Pixie Raviva Zelda Gypsy Jadzia Mina

  • Forums: Opinions on these names that appease the hubby!

    /> Kira and Jadzia are my other favourite girl Star Trek names. I like your concept and the way you are

  • Forums: The Gosselin 8

    Felicity G - Hannah Jadzia B - Abram Julian B -

  • Forums: Polish Names?

    Jadzia ) Matylda Maja Halina Teresa

  • Forums: Awful Almost-Names

    have named her Jadzia , which I suppose would have gone well with Kristjana. If I had been a boy, my name would have been Thomas .I actually really

  • Forums: Nicknames!

    , Jaslaya, Jasperine, Jaselle, Jasella, Jasika, Jasmira, Jadzia *Sorry for any repeats Ari - Aria ,