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  • Forums: Harker

    say I really like it. Weirdly, I think I'd prefer it for a girl because Hark is quite a feminine nickname to me, and I think Dracula's Mina Harker is a way cooler namesake than [name

  • Forums: Let your fingers guide you... Really fun game!

    , and Dorfelia isn't too bad either Sanghrk: sang- hark ? Hedncoo: Head-in-coo

  • Forums: ABCS of Adoption - Part II - Boys

    href="/babyname/Flip">Flip Ugo ♂ Gregory Thatcher ♂ Hark Salem

  • Forums: names from Christmas songs

    Hark ! The Herald Angels Sing - my absolute favorite It Came Upon the Midnight Clear

  • Forums: Teenberries!

    Hear (have you heard Celtic Woman's versions of those three? amazing) and Hark the Herald. Coventry Carol (especially

  • Forums: ABCS of Adoption - Part II - Boys

    ="/babyname/Victor">Victor ♂ Flip Ugo ♂ Gregory Thatcher ♂ Hark

  • Forums: Word Names, the more unusual the better!

    Rune Pumpkin Lime Mighty Sigh Rye Hark Wake Spruce

  • Forums: What Sign Are You?

    , even when sleeping, during which time she often resolves the problems of the previous day. -is frightened of getting old and tends to hark back to the past. Influenced by the father. Success often

  • Forums: It's another girl and hubby and I don't like ANY of the same names

    ="/babyname/Bell">Bell -en) Gloria - " Hark the Heralds, Angels sing..." I like this one for the December theme.

  • Forums: Share Your Favorite...

    ="/babyname/Christmas">Christmas song, hmm. My favourites (can't pick one!) are Hark the Herald (especially love Judith

  • Forums: Song Title Family

    ">Sarah HARK THE HERALD ANGELS SING DW: Tabitha Hero

  • Forums: The Birth Mother

    ">Geoffrey Hark , refused to take any responsibility for her. He was later shipped off to military school by his parents and no one has heard from him since. Your second daughter's father,

  • Forums: 96 sons and 1 daughter!

    80. Rex 81. Salem 82. Hark 83. Cooke 84. Timothy "