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  • Name: Baby Name Britannia

    Hail Britannia? We think not.

  • Forums: Mahala or Mahaila?

    I recently came across this name and loved it. The pronunciation is supposed to be Mah- hail -ah, but the most common spelling seems to be Mahala

  • Name: Baby Name Galway

    both hail from Galway. Galway has several sister cities in the U.S., including Chicago, Seattle, Milwaukee and St. Louis. A few other Irish place name possibilities: Dublin, Ennis, Donegal

  • List: Girl Names from Africa

    African baby girl names hail from all around the continent and offer an exotic yet usable complement of choices. While these are some of our favorites, for even more African baby girl names, go

  • User List: Weather names


  • Name: Baby Name Blythe

    > is taken from Shelley's poetic line, " Hail to thee, blithe Spirit"--a nice tribute to a baby Blythe.

  • User List: Witch Names

    , IRIS, INDIGO, Oren, Snow, Hail , Comet, Breezy, Alchemy, Azoth, Belladonna, Hemlock, Thistle, Mambo, Nightshade

  • List: Baby Names That Mean Love

    Baby names that mean love hail from a range of different cultures with the unifying theme of a love -- and lovely and loving -- meaning. And what could be a more wonderful meaning for a name than

  • User List: Wild Unpredictable Nature

    , WINTER, WISTERIA, WOLF, WREN, alyssum, Baleen, Betony, Bramble, Brinessa, Caldera, Catkin, Celandine, Chrysanthe, Clavaria, Clover, Coriander, Dandelion, Fennec, Firefly, HAil , Jonquil, Kestrel, Mist

  • User List: Cheap Shopping In Waukesha, Wisconsin: Enjoyable Shopping For Affordable Deals

    Among many different types of hats, exclusive hats have a lengthy history. It really is very simple - come hail or high water, blasting heat or ice cold, headgear protect your head, and so

  • Forums: Spelling Help

    the most. How is this being pronounced? Hall -ee (like the church hall) Hail -ee or

  • Forums: Build a Theme

    /Frost">Frost , Dewy, Rain , Hail , Misty (states of water)

  • Forums: Zion?

    . Something like Gregory Zion Hail ____

  • Forums: Heard an interesting and unusual name….thoughts??

    pronounced correctly. " Ave " in Latin means " hail " as you probably know, and can also mean "farewell," or "be well."

  • Forums: Female Protagonist: Hale ? Sinclair - middle name help?

    ="girl" href="/babyname/Andromeda">Andromeda . Or Atalanta . (Although that rather sounds like "All hail

  • Forums: Build a Theme

    ="unisex" href="/babyname/Frost">Frost Frost , Dewy, Rain , Hail ,

  • Forums: classic feminine middle name for Blair

    " connection if you hail from the 80s lol) Blair Louisa

  • Forums: What do you think of YOUR name?

    could mean glorious fighter/battle (holg + wig) or sacred wood ( hail + wid). I prefer the latter, whose meaning made me like the name more. I've come to terms with it now. I still don't love it, but I'm

  • Forums: Français!

    for this interruption. In French, the common verb is glorifier , which means to glorify or to praise as in your example. However, saluer is an attested verb that has a similar meaning. In the Hail Mary, you

  • Forums: No clue on middle name, should it match ethnicity?

    hail from anyways. My first name is French and my middle name is sister has a Hebrew first name

  • Forums: Français!

    ) Hail - Grêle (f) Snow - Neige (f) Ice - Glace (f) -- if something was icy then it would be glacé

  • Forums: Looking for something new

    ">Tobias , Tobin , vail, Hail , Hal , Hans ,

  • Forums: Still looking for one more name! Help ;)

    " href="/babyname/Hale">Hale , and the homonyms " hail -precipitation of ice" and "hale- hearty and strong." It qualifies as a nature name. It's also simple to spell and pronounce.

  • Forums: Nameberry says outdated, I say charming....thoughts?

    adoration to complete disapproval...very interesting! I hail from a region where people are fairly liberal with their naming choices so I'm not put off by unique/unusual selections (besides the fact that I

  • Forums: Which middle name for Gwyneth?

    /Autumn">Autumn is a hail Mary choice because I'm just not sure about any of them and my MIL was born in

  • Forums: Will these names work together?

    ="unisex" href="/babyname/Storm">Storm Wave Sunny Snow Hail ... As examples

  • Forums: A feminine, romantic, vintage name

    /Colette">Colette - Not in the top 100 which is wonderful. However, this name seems to hail from a different era to Adeline (1960s vs. 1810s.) I'd prefer

  • Forums: Themed Families..

    /Barnaby">Barnaby DS: Winter Lawrence DS: Hail

  • Forums: The Makeover Baby Name Game

    ">Mickey - Nicky Collins - Rowlins Kale - Hail

  • Forums: What do you think of YOUR name?

    is uncertain, its origin is the germanic Hailwidis (my username), which could mean glorious fighter/battle (holg + wig) or sacred wood ( hail + wid). I prefer the latter, whose meaning made me like the name more