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  • Name: Baby Name Noelle

    Feminissima, with a French gloss .

  • Name: Baby Name Paulina

    More stylish than either Paula or Pauline, it was given a glamour gloss by model Paulina Porizkova in the nineties.

  • Name: Baby Name Jacqueline

    To most Americans, the French Jacqueline still recalls the Kennedy era and its elegant First Lady, although it's lost much of its glamorous image and Gallic gloss . Jacqueline and Jackie peaked

  • Page: Russian Names

    Russian names are attracting new attention in the Western World, thanks to the increased visiblility and fresh gloss of Russian culture and an influx of Russian models. Here is our full list

  • User List: THE COMPLETE Hunger Games Names

    , Plutarch, Thresh, Marvel, Finnick, Beetee, Wiress, Enobaria, Atala, Gloss

  • User List: Hunger Games Names

    , Finnick, Marvel, Thresh, Gloss , Chaff

  • User List: The Hunger Games Names!

    , SENECA, CLAUDIUS, CAESAR, CRESSIDA, CASTOR, POLLUX, FULVIA, MITCHELL, BONNIE, ANNIE, ALMA, Peeta, Haymitch, Maysilee, Rooba, Ripper, Bristel, Marvel, Thresh, Gloss , Enobaria, Beetee, Wiress, Finnick, Woof

  • Name: Baby Name Catherine

    think that might turn around now that Catherine Middleton, who reportedly hates the name Kate and never uses it, married Prince William and put a modern, stylish gloss on her already classy name.

  • Forums: Would you read this...? +Name Advice

    this description. Typical high school drama leads to actually serious drama that our trusty main characters have to solve for themselves to clear their names. A missing persons case is nothing to gloss over, so

  • Forums: Thoughts on Noelle? Agree with Nameberry description?

    ="/babyname/Noelle">Noelle ? That it's just "Feminissima, with a French gloss ." I think the name is better than that. Of course I'm biased because my

  • Forums: A Family Tree with Initials

    /> ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- LN: Gloss DH: Alec Joseph (80) DW:

  • Forums: What do you like!?

    every month at our hospital so I think x is quite popular.,, but X still I gloss over it, I think its very funny. Does anyone else have any letters they don't really look at when thinking

  • Forums: Complicated Situation- Need help with character renaming

    foundation and lip gloss . She is 15, sophomore in high school. Her single military dad has raised her. She is a military brat and moves almost every year. Because of this, she doesn't care what people think

  • Forums: Heroes and Heroines, Round 1/5

    : Ginita Evadne Alias: Gloss Superpowers: Creature Creation, Shapeshifting, Mediumship Sidekick: Mammoth Sidekick Name: Arslan

  • Forums: Heroes and Heroines, Round 1/5

    , Doll , Enlightenment, Flutter, Gloss , Hecate, Infinity , Lady, Luminous, Miracle

  • Forums: Heroes and Heroines, Round 1/5

    , Enlightenment, Flutter, Gloss , Hecate, Infinity , Lady, Luminous, Miracle , Opal

  • Forums: Namebank CAF -- Hunger Games Edition (7 or more children.)

    /Cashmere">Cashmere Trinket DW: Heaven Gloss Trinket (nee Abernathy) DD/DD: Flitter Maris Trinket/Fimbria

  • Forums: 20 Facts About You!

    clothes I like to wear. 12. I wear a lot of lip gloss . 13. I love names (obv.) 14. I like looking at the stars, and I used to like catching fireflies, back when I lived in a place that had

  • Forums: Namebank CAF -- Hunger Games Edition (7 or more children.)

    ="/babyname/Cedar">Cedar , Chaff, Cicero , Corvinus, Gloss , Lysander , Menteth, Prentis , Pyrite,

  • Forums: The Surrogate Mother, Part One

  • Forums: Create a Family - 14 Children!

    /Jessica">Jessica Gloss . Mother: Daria Rose Rhys . Father: James