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  • Forums: Opinions on Glorianna

    . Wow, Glorianna was my Mother's step-mother's name! You don't hear it very often at all. Her middle name was Josephine . I know that my relatives called her

  • Forums: Gloria??

    I was just thinking the other day how much I loved Gloria. It seems so fresh and pure. I also like Glory. I dont care for Glorianna , however. A friend has a

  • Forums: Opinions on Glorianna

    I know someone who used Glorianna as a middle name. I wouldn't use it, just too over the top. Anna Gloria would be a pretty choice.

  • Forums: Completing the name

    ]Marigold Tansy Isolena Glorianna Hesper Honor Piper Eponine Carlie Magnolia These are

  • Forums: Thoughts on this sibset?

    go with a nature theme. Rosalia (girl) Rowan (boy) Glorianna (girl) Phoenix

  • Forums: Gloria vs Glorianna vs Gloretha

    adore it, kind of a guilty pleasure Glorianna (GLOR ee ah nah) - see Gloria , also could be mispronounced as GLOR ee an ah We are looking at 3

  • Forums: Gloria??

    Love love love Gloria. Greatly prefer it to either Glorianna (which I feels makes the elegant & stately Gloria too fussy) or Glory (too much like

  • Forums: Name Opinions Wanted

    I really like Glorianna and Phoenix . I don't like Rosalia and I prefer Rowan on a girl as I've only ever

  • Forums: too much?

    /> i was just thinking of names. Glorianna /Gloriana, Gloria ,Glory came to mind. thoughts and

  • Forums: Variations of Gloria

    /> I'd go for Glorianna because if she feels Glory is a bit much to go by it also gives the accessible nn Anna (or variants of), which I

  • Forums: Old favorites, new combos.

    ]Magnolia Molly Penelope - one of my very favorites. Glorianna Posey - I love this as a middle name. More ideas that you might like: Anwen[/name

  • Forums: Old favorites, new combos.

    ] Glorianna Posey More you may like (or hate) :-) : Araminta Arabella Adeline Adelia Briony Cordelia [name

  • Forums: Names that end in Ana/Anna

    ">Luciana Deanna Lydiana Glorianna Leanna

  • Forums: Thoughts on these girl names please

    ">Gloria Glorianna Liberty Luna Mercy Raven

  • Forums: Getting to the nn Gia?

    Magnolia Glorianna Gloria Gratiana Graciana Gianna Pelagia Margiad Giorgia Hagiah

  • Forums: Need Help with Name Ideas....

    ]Glory - an-uh? I love Glorianna spelled this way with the AH sound. Anna -- very classic and nice, but a bit boring next to the others Autumn -- eh. i've

  • Forums: Most beautiful, romantic, sweet sounding names you can think of please!

    ="/babyname/Christiana">Christiana Charlotte Emma Helene Glorianna

  • Forums: Quintuplet Game-GIRLS

    /Cadence">Cadence (changed mn) Lucy Glorianna (kept) Elizabeth

  • Forums: If this, then that

    ">Christianna , Corianna , Emilianna, Glorianna , Jadeanna, Kyrianna, Kayliana, Rianna ,

  • Forums: How about Hallelujah?

    - Hosanna (deliver us) Glorianna Jubilee I personally adore Hosanna, but would never use it. i find this comical... how funny would it be for your neighbors if she would get in trouble

  • Forums: Baby Name Desensitization Disorder with girls names :(

    ">Guinevere Delphine Augusta Glorianna Bellamy

  • Forums: Long, Frilly, Princessy Classic Girls Names!

    href="/babyname/Augustina">Augustina Georgina Glorianna Thomasina

  • Forums: Christmas Names

    /Gloria">Gloria /Glorianna As well as Mary , Joseph , etc. There is also people in literary classics or famous stories and films

  • Forums: Other names like these?

    Euphemia Fiorella Giovanna Giosetta Glorianna

  • Forums: BNG time!

    ="/babyname/Holly">Holly Charlotte ~ 12 Year Old ~ Glorianna Richeza ~ 9 Year Old ~ Harper

  • Forums: A spunky middle name for Ava?

    ="/babyname/Ava">Ava Glorianna Ava Mercy Ava

  • Forums: Another baby name game!

    > DD: Glorianna Faith Young DS/DD: Jett

  • Forums: Name Your 9 Daughters!

    /> Daughter 6: Katie Scarlett Daughter 7: Glorianna

  • Forums: Christmas Names?

    ="/babyname/Gloria">Gloria /Glorianna As well as Mary , Joseph , etc. There is also people in literary classics or famous stories and

  • Forums: Luck and Chance Family Game

    news is your expecting quads, two boys and two girls! You want the babies to be named after your mom, your grandma, your dad, and your grandpa. What are the names? DD: Glorianna