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  • Forums: Names For A Fish

    would definitely use that! I like Figaro . I know this is going to sound odd, but beta fish remind me of Clio the fish from Disney's Pinocchio. Figaro sounds to me like the male equal

  • Forums: Name that goes with Dinah

    /> Rufus (The Rescuers) Figaro (Pinocchio) Cosmic Creepers (Bednobs and Broomsticks) hi berries, I am gettimg a new kitten as a friend for my

  • Forums: New Kitty

    Remi is my dog's name (short for Remington). It is such a good name for a pet and I love it dearly! I love all your names, especially Figaro /Figgy! My chubby

  • Forums: New Kitty

    /> Thanks, Lindsay! Figaro nn Figgy is so cute! Makes me think of figgy pudding at Christmas. But of all the names I thought of, my husband just loves Samson[/name

  • Forums: Surprising french birth announcements

    . However, Le Figaro is still publishing announcements for the following:Maxime, Roch, Athenais (yay!), Philothee (?), Olympia, Arnaud

  • User List: Operatic Appellations (Boys)

    , Aronte, Artémidor, Assur, Athamas, Bajazet, Bartolo, Bayan, Bertarido, Besso, Buonafede, Caronte, Colas, Creon, Crespel, Cuno, Dormont, Dorvil, Eco, Egeo, Eustazio, Evandro, Figaro , Florestan, Foresto

  • Forums: Wow! Surprise name opportunity.

    I still haven't namrd the little bugger (who I have to feed other live fish by the way, yuck!). I'm thinking about Finbar or Figaro . So what would you berries name a

  • Forums: French naming trends! Interesting lists and ideas.

    "Le Figaro " list. :) Thanks for sharing! "L'Officiel des prénoms 2012" is a baby name book published in France every year, it shows naming trends and popularity

  • Forums: Info on the girl name Ostiane?

    /> Hi, I stumbled upon the name Ostiane via a birth announcement, in Paris’ Le Figaro . (Actually, it was in a blog comment about the announcements and a

  • Forums: Classical music / operatic names

    really love it! For boys, I would squeeze Amadeus (for Mozart ) and Figaro (for The Marriage of Figaro ) in there if I possibly could. And if

  • Forums: Disney Names

    /> Faline ( Bambi ) Figaro ( Figaro the Cat from Pinocchio) Georgette

  • Forums: I f you had to choose...

    Canada). His petname is Vigoro ( Figaro ) and what I liked most is the Scandinavian connection and the Latin connection, since Vigo is also a nick for Victor. Still love the name! I

  • Forums: Help with ideas for...

    ="/babyname/Thor">Thor , Figaro and Page . If you really want a names that refers to Batman why not choose something an interesting and wearable word that is used in

  • Forums: Laddie Loves (Just for Fun!)

    ="/babyname/Percy">Percy !! I ADORE Hector !!! And also Evander . Figaro is pretty cool too...maybe in the middle

  • Forums: Name For A Red Betta Fish

    ? These are my favorites so far (in no particular order) : Garbonzo Figaro Traveler Mirage Skip

  • Forums: What names did you like before being a name-nerd?

    Wolf also. I've always loved it!) Russell (from Once Upon A Forest) Figaro (from Pinocchio) Nala (from The Lion King, of course) Nala is wonderful! And Figaro is nice too! From

  • Forums: Laddie Loves (Just for Fun!)

    Casimir Wilfred Emrys Faramond, Figaro Isidore

  • Forums: Favorite Guilty Pleasure Names for Boys

    /Early">Early Winter Figaro (if I could ever say it out loud without belting out FEEEEEEGAROOO, maybe ;p) Sorry I'm not

  • Forums: Boy kitten needs a name!

    Figaro Spanky Merlin Leonardo DeCatrio (which is the name of one of my cats) LOOOOVE Stormageddon! I just

  • Forums: What names did you like before being a name-nerd?

    !) Russell (from Once Upon A Forest) Figaro (from Pinocchio) Nala (from The Lion King, of course) When I was little, I was nearly

  • Forums: Names related to cats?

    - The Aristocrats Berlioz - The Aristocrats Toulouse - The Aristocrats Figaro - Pinocchio (Disney) Cheshire Cat -

  • Forums: ancient names


  • Forums: names you liked when you were a teen or child.

    . Around that time, I also loved Russell , Figaro , and Peter . (none of which I have any particular attachment to anymore) Another girl name I

  • Forums: Childhood favorites: still love them? Used them? Or let them go?

    out, like Xanadu or Figaro . The name that seems to be somewhere between the two is Charlene . I still have a bit of a soft spot for it, but can't see myself really using

  • Forums: Word Families

    Figaro Ulric Brandon Lisimba Maxwell

  • Forums: Book Title Family Name Game

    > Figaro Arthur Zanzibel Kathryn Alouetta

  • Forums: Laddie Loves (Just for Fun!)

    ="/babyname/ Figaro "> Figaro – though only as a mn. As a fn it feels a bit flambouant. Gawain – swoon, just swoon. Hector – I've

  • Blog Post: Cat Names from Alonzo to Zizi

    ">Heathcliff FARON , Peanuts FELIX the Cat FIGARO , Pinocchio

  • Blog Post: Flower Names: A rose by any other name

    /Seville">Seville and again in Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro , while Rosita was the name of a popular operetta and