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  • Forums: This or That Spelling

    ="/babyname/Robin">Robin or Robyn ?Robyn Emili or Emily

  • Forums: Another CAF using homepage names.

    ="/babyname/Sylvia">Sylvia Grace & Emiliana Rebecca ( Emili ) DS:

  • Forums: Is Massimo wearable or should we use Max instead?

    daughter even has an Italian name: Emili @na. Having his heritage in his name would be cool, and it would set him apart from the scores of Maxes. Right now, there are sooo many names that can be shortened

  • Forums: Drowning in a Sea of Benjamins

    ="/babyname/Benjamin">Benjamin is just so blah, and much too popular at #12. Our daughter has a much more distinctive name, Emili @na. Although our surname is quite unusual and we'd give him an unusual

  • Forums: Does anyone have any experience with nitrous oxide during labor?

    > Ok, for me it was just a mask... and I hate masks. I might, I'm not sure. Emili @na was quite high up, and so she had to be suctioned out. I was quite lucky

  • Forums: Name sightings

    and sister, Emili and Emerson ... Great names, but so much alike. Brothers, Xavier (8) and Adrian (4

  • Forums: Baby name regret on a name I loved before giving birth

    have taken into account before he was born, but at this point she just has to deal with it. As for people mispronouncing or not liking it, that's life. I thought Emili @na was rather intuitive

  • Forums: The Story behind Your Kids Names

    of their names. I spent many hours perfecting them! Emili @na- An Italian name to honor my heritage. I've liked this name for 10+ years, and it was surprising how much DH automatically liked

  • Forums: LONG Generation CAF

    /Colton">Colton Robert DD1 (16): Emili Cate DS3 (14): Charles