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  • Forums: Help with Sibset plus a Poll!

    I quite like the sound of this name, not sure I have heard it before. I do have a very stong preference for the spelling Emeric over Emmerich. Emeric looks clean, concise, simple and

  • Forums: Emeric v.s. Emerich

    Emeric or Emerick I like it spelled Emerich, Emeric feels like it's missing a letter. I saw this and loved it. I fell in love with it a few years ago, and forgot about it till now

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  • Forums: What names have we missed?

    Native American Paikea- Maori, I believe it's unisex. Heroine of the Oscar -winning film Whale Rider , based on a book. Emeric !

  • Forums: Emeric - opinions please

    I love the name Emeric . I have the German Emmerich on my list, but I like the more stemlined version Emeric as well. I dont think it is

  • Forums: Emeric - opinions please

    I wouldn't worry so much about the pn. Yes you and he will have to correct people a lot but that doesn't mean you need to change the spelling of a beautiful name. I like Emeric a lot I would pn it

  • User List: Lopes da Silva (male names, Part 7 of 12)

    , Ozai, Davino, Varius, Riku, Anakin, Martinho, Godric, Emeric

  • Forums: How do you feel about Emmerich?

    , I think I prefer a single M and a plain C ending for its simplicity-- Emeric .

  • Forums: Help with Sibset plus a Poll!

    , dinner time!" So if you like Erik why not go with that name and I like it with Andreas too. I never really concidered Erik as a nn for Emeric . I

  • User List: Saintly and Stylish (Boys)

    , Balther, Caian, Emeric , Falco, Falko, Fulco, Leontius, Maden, Madern, Maximian, Nicander, Regulus, Ruan, Zoticus

  • Forums: Good names for Remy nn

    /Remy">Remy I like as a boys name but i feel it is too like a nn. Any name suggestions where Remy could be the nickname? I've always thought that Emeric or

  • Forums: Romantic Poets.

    " class="inlineimg" /> Hmmm..... Viggo Emeric Alonzo Antony Lucius Matias Sebastian/Bastian Julius Julian Tristan Jasper

  • Forums: This or That-Boys

    Emmett or Emeric ?Emmett or Garrett ?

  • Forums: Revamping List: Suggestions Needed

    Emeric Rufus Oshea Melchiah Justus Darius

  • Forums: Need help! fourth baby due and clash of tastes going on

    ]Cyrus Orlando Fedell (Cy) Winston Emeric Fedell (Win) Winston Gregory Fedell (Win) Moses[/name

  • Forums: Ambrose, Emery, Alastair, Alec, Caspar..... what do you rate these names?

    href="/babyname/Rowan">Rowan , Noel , Gareth , Leon , Morven , Emeric ,

  • Forums: Emerick - WDYT?

    love in Emerick? Maybe we can help find a different name that you both love. I'm not a huge fan of Emerick If you use it would you consider dropping it to Emeric ? I think it looks nicer. Other

  • Forums: What are your favorite names that start with an E...?

    ] Embry Emeric Emrys (em-REES) Ephraim Era Esai (ees-eye) Esmonde Evander Everson Ewan [name

  • Forums: some sibsets from royal family trees

    ]Marina Aliya and Jalila Theodora and Zoe Constance and Emeric Adelaide and Salamon Magnus and

  • Forums: Harry Potter Names - Would you use them?

    ="/babyname/Lucius">Lucius - Draco 's father. Emeric - Possessor of the Elder Wand,

  • Forums: Emerett?

    with all of this How about Emeric ? Similar sounding and a legit name

  • Forums: Triple A, Triple B, Triple C...Boys!

    Willem Xanthus Emeric Xen Julius Yale Lionel Yousef Peter Yuri [name

  • Forums: brother for Ivy

    I also like Emery/Emory/Amaury/ Emeric (h) Names that keep with the nature trend of Ivy Oliver Reed Rowan[/name

  • Forums: Emrys Oskar?

    is Emmett . Emanuel Emeric Emerson

  • Forums: Rotating Names-Boys

    " href="/babyname/Hayden">Hayden Malachi Elijah Emeric Alonzo

  • Forums: Rotating Names-Boys

    Hayden Malachi Elijah Emeric

  • Forums: Rotating Names-Boys

    Brent Emeric Alonzo Randall

  • Forums: Rotating Names-Boys

    Sinjin Brent Emeric Topher

  • Forums: This or That-Boys

    " href="/babyname/Emmett">Emmett or Emeric ?Emmett or Garrett ?