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  • Name: Baby Name Teal

    This name of both a grayish-greenish-blue color and a kind of wild duck can be used for both boys and girls.

  • Blog Post: Disney Names: Happy Birthday, Donald Duck!

    Today is Donald Duck ’s birthday, so we thought we’d commemorate it by inviting a bunch of his oldest chums

  • Forums: Daphne

    That's actually my concern. I really don't think many kids these days even know who Daffy Duck is; however, when mentioning the name to an older relative, she brought

  • Forums: Daphne....What's your instant reaction?

    think I like Daphne Lucille for the quirk factor. :D Scooby Doo? That's what I associate it with. Oh and and a duck . Like Daffy duck ? I'm not partial to

  • Forums: Rordan - Opinions?

    family to spell. But I'm not sure on the pronunciation, any Irish Gaelic speakers out there, is it like Rory? Opinions? I'm guessing it's a lame duck then. I want to like it

  • Forums: North West - Crazy Joke Names

    Robin Banks Donald Duck

  • Forums: North West - Crazy Joke Names

    Robin Banks Donald Duck

  • Forums: Is this connection too strong to overcome?

    of a 90's kid myself but I remember almost every character from Darkwing Duck and The Animaniacs so I can totally see how someone remembers the Gummi Bears. I'm not really worried about the connection

  • Forums: Video Game Names

    ">Ken jr. nn Duck Carley Doug Larry

  • Forums: Roger, Donald, & Elmer

    />Can anyone help me come up with better, moderized, or just less annoying versions of these names? They remind me of Roger Clots, Donald duck , & Elmer Fudd. I

  • Forums: what do you think of the name donald? Whys it at 364??

    Donald Duck although on the other hand it is cute. Hmmm... I'm surprised it is that high on the list. It is pretty dated. It peaked in the 1930s but was still very popular (top 50

  • Forums: Want a name that *Sparkles*

    matches well with Violet. As for Scooby-Doo, I didn't see an episode of it until I was ten and I only liked Daphne. I don't see any of it anymore either, or Daffy Duck

  • Forums: Daphne....What's your instant reaction?

    that's a good point. I doubt kids these days know about daffy duck . I think the nn Daph is the most common by far. And the scooby do thing, eh, I doubt it will be a big deal. And as PP have said

  • Name: Baby Name Nash

    musician Graham, of Crosby, Stills and Nash--as well as Clarence "Ducky" Nash, the voice of Donald Duck . Iron Chef Cat Cora named her son Nash Lemuel.

  • Forums: Cool names on kids I taught today

    , doesn't have the same connotations as in America . Here people only think of Jemima Puddle Duck !

  • Forums: Time for Spring Names!

    cutest nn in the world if it weren't for a certain duck .

  • Forums: Nicknames for Daphne?

    daffy at all. I wonder, is that a nn or just something thar some people will tease about? I've heard a lot of daphnes get called daffy duck in grade school. But I don't think it lasts beyond that. But

  • Forums: what do you think of the name donald? Whys it at 364??

    ] Duck might put a damper on it. Nicknames Don and Donnie are adorable for a child. Perhaps you might also like Donovan. I think Donald should


    , a fully-stocked library, and a rubber duck (because who doesn't want a rubber duck ?) :) Oh, and the award for the World's Most Brilliant Anagrammer! Happy[/name

  • Forums: Names you love, but wouldn't name your kids

    ], more. Penelope - I love the sound of it, but it means "a duck " I like Penelope because of the meaning "a duck " but I don't like th sound

  • Forums: Daphne

    If anybody actually used the daffy duck thing to tease your daughter, it probably wouldn't last long and would get old fast. It is really not that funny. Great choice.

  • Forums: The Epidemic of JACE!

    announcement I see the little guys name is Jace ! The epidemic has gotten so severe that Mothers are using it on baby girls. I'm guessing the popularity of Duck Dynasty

  • Forums: Disney baby names

    : Sleeping Beauty Giselle: Enchanted Lilo: Lilo & Stitch Daisy: Daisy Duck Jasmine: [name

  • Forums: Daffodil

    href="/babyname/Calla">Calla ? I don't like Daffy , it makes me think of Daffy Duck . I think Daphne would be a

  • Forums: The Possibilities of Penelope

    for them) I realized something that I think is worth sharing: Yes Penelope means " Duck ", but it also has a rather large load of NNs. Most of them VERY cool! Penelope: [name

  • Forums: Daisy?

    >...... I love Daisy , but can see the down side, the associations (oopsy daisy, daisy duck , daisy dukes, daisy mae of "lil abner" fame), added with the rhyming

  • Forums: Fur-babies?

    My dog is a Nova Scotian Duck Tolling Retriever (google it). His name is

  • Forums: Penelope Combos

    Celeste Oh, I like Penelope Iris! I actually had that on my working list at one point but my partner yells ' duck '! every time I bring Penelope

  • Forums: Mia, Lilah, or Daphne?

    husband and children don't like Daphne and say it reminds them of a duck (Daffy Duck ). I've only heard positive things about Daphne from everyone here. Mia[/name

  • Forums: Boy #3- Gideon?

    common and familiar. Gideon might seem a bit like the odd duck of the three. If you love it, though, that's probably not enough of a reason to stop you from using it. But, with your other