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  • User List: The list

    This list consists of three names from Norse Mythology. Halldor (Hall-door), Dragan (Dray-gun), Broder (Bro-der)

  • User List: Lopes da Silva (male names, Part 12 of 12)

    , MATT, SERAPHIM, JASON, XAVIER, CLIVE, STAN, EDMOND, FORREST, Zuko, Uther, Velasco, Dragan , Chrystian

  • User List: Lopes da Silva (male names, part 1 of 12)

    , Ardian, Kassian, Dragan , Aragorn, Anakin, Zuko, Batu

  • User List: Of Knights & Heroes

    , Bronimir, Brunor, Calidore, Carnelian, Charlemagne, Colgrevance, Culhwch, Degore, Degrane, Degrevaunt, Dinadan, Dobrynya, Dragan , Drinian, Durnore, Edras, Eglamour, Eindride, Elyan, Erminide, Etherlred