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  • Name: Baby Name Antigone

    Mythological daughter of Oedipus, never popular in mortal world.

  • Name: Baby Name Hephzibah

    A "you can't do this to your daughter " name.

  • Name: Baby Name Hortense

    A "you can't do this to your daughter " name.

  • Name: Baby Name Maliah

    Maliah is another way of spelling First Daughter name Malia.

  • Name: Baby Name Missy

    A name that works until your daughter is, say, six.

  • Name: Baby Name Oceana

    Great choice for the daughter of a beach lover.

  • Name: Baby Name Prima

    Will assure your daughter she's numero uno.

  • Name: Baby Name Thorne

    Call your daughter Rose, but don't name your son Thorne.

  • Name: Baby Name Sheldon

    How to name your daughter Shelly today.

  • User List: Our Daughter

  • Name: Baby Name Ianthe

    Ianthe is the unusual, romantic, almost ethereal Greek name of the mythological daughter of Oceanus, supreme ruler of the seas, chosen by the poet Shelley for his daughter .

  • Name: Baby Name Liv

    The fame of actress and Aerosmith daughter Liv Tyler helped to infuse life into this short but solid Scandinavian name that was chosen for her daughter by Julianne Moore.

  • Forums: Which name works best in my sibset?

    What's your daughter's name? Which girl's name works best in a sibset with my daughter's name?

  • Forums: Themes

    Father: Justin Matthew Mother: Amanda Stephanie Daughter : Kimberly Kathleen Father: Justin [name

  • Forums: Build a fam of 9

    Father: Ishmael Charles Mother: Irena Colette Daughter : Imogen Charlotte Daughter : Isla Charity[/name

  • Forums: Build a fam of 9

    Father: Lawrence John Mother: Lilac Jewel Daughter : Lily Josephine Son: Lance Jerome

  • Name: Baby Name Antiquity

    Your daughter will like this better at twenty than she will at fifty.

  • Name: Baby Name Arizona

    Unusual and evocative southwestern name picked for his daughter by Everclear's Art Alexakis.

  • Name: Baby Name Bibi

    A spunky nickname name for parents with showbiz aspirations for their daughter .

  • Name: Baby Name Marina

    Pretty sea-born Shakespearean name, chosen for his daughter by Matt LeBlanc.

  • Name: Baby Name Zenaida

    This name of a daughter of Zeus has an intriguing air of antiquity.

  • Name: Baby Name Omarosa

    Name your daughter after The Apprentice hellion at your own peril.

  • Name: Baby Name Quintana

    Mexican place-name famously used by Joan Didion for her daughter , Quintana Roo.

  • Name: Baby Name Reignbeau

    Melodramatic wordplay name coined by actor Ving Rhames for his daughter .

  • Name: Baby Name Rainie

    Singular spelling of Rainey used by Andie MacDowell for her daughter .

  • Name: Baby Name Solita

    This lace-hankie version was chosen for his daughter by Geraldo Rivera.

  • Name: Baby Name Sosie

    Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon chose this unusual diminutive for their daughter .

  • Name: Baby Name Svetlana

    Popular Russian name, familiar here via author Svetlana Stalin, the dictator's daughter .

  • Name: Baby Name Tu

    The onetime star of Northern Exposure named his daughter Tu Morrow. Think about it.

  • Name: Baby Name Verve

    Vibrant and vital noun name chosen by actress Shawnee Smith for her daughter .