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  • Forums: Contessa

    I was looking at a friend's pictures on Facebook this evening and one of their friends had commented on it saying something about their daughter, Contessa , playing with my friend's child. I

  • Forums: Contessa

  • Forums: Wild Freeborn

    Yep. You read it correctly. Wild Freeborn. I was watching MSNBC today, and Contessa ( her last name escapes me) was interviewing a little girl who got into trouble with the Girl Scouts

  • Forums: Contessa

    > work as a nn for Temperance ?My name is Tressa , and I had a friend who fondly called me Contessa .

  • Forums: Tess / Tessa

    For which names could Tess / Tessa be a nn besides T(h)eresa or something awful like Contessa ? Is there anything? Tertia-Latin name meaning "third

  • Forums: Thoughts on Contessa?

    Right now I've got a little crush on the name Contessa (as well as the nicknames Connie and Tess /

  • Forums: Longer name for nn Tess/Tessa?

    doesn't feel that Tess(a) is "complete", and neither of us like Theresa as a full name. The only other name I can come up with as a longer version is Contessa , but that's a little

  • Forums: Honest Opinions of the Master List, Part 2

    close friend who passed away) -Clementine -Cleo/Clea -Tess, as a nn for Contessa or Tessa -Cordelia, nn Cora[/name

  • Forums: Starting over with naming the girls

    anything redundant or out of date, I'm just going by the original post.... throwing some pairs together here.... Cecilia and Contessa (could use the nicknames Cilia, and Tessa[/name

  • Forums: Long forms of Tessa?

    ... Theodora Tessara Estella (stretch, but works for me) Contessa Aside from the above mentioned, I

  • Forums: What could Tess be short for? Besides Therese...

    ">Thessaly Tassia Tasmine Contessa Theodosia Estella /e Tessalyn

  • Forums: Avalon Combos?

    Avalon Tess Avalon Tessa Avalon Contessa Avalon Sophia Avalon Beth Avalon

  • Forums: Tess

    ], but want to use it as a nickname. I don't like Theresa, and Contessa (which I also don't want to use) is the only other name I can think of that includes "Tess." Any thoughts

  • Forums: twists on Connie and Sarah

    ]. Contessa is a lovely name, Italian, with nn possibilities of Connie and Tess, Tessa. Connolly is an underused Irish name that could be modern and cute

  • User List: G.I.R.L.S

    Margaret , Cairo Vivian , Lestat , Legolas, Yesterday, Tomorrow, Blackbird, Pandora Alice, February , Monarch, Pippilotta Contessa , Lilybet Hollowtree, Shepherdess, Church, Veruca Violet, Saturday, Pharaoh

  • Forums: Full name for Tess.

    > vintage for me, though! But it is a family name, probably my grandmother's namesake, since they shared a MN, which has bonus points for me). Contessa and Quintessa are

  • Forums: Favorite Full name for Nickname

    /Elizabeth">Elizabeth Tess Contessa Po Apollo

  • Forums: Starting over with naming the girls

    ]Genevieve Felicity Contessa Eleanor Fiona Eleanor Francine Eleanor Natasha Eleanor

  • Forums: A brother or sister for little Jack or Olivia

    " href="/babyname/Hudson">Hudson Bishop & Contessa Callum &

  • Forums: Need sibling names for Fiona

    Maeve - very pretty and goes nicely with Fiona. Tess - I adore, although I prefer it as a nn for something. Contessa nn Tess would go very well

  • Forums: Come up with a original/unique name aka celebrity style

    ]Fortuna Sing Ruley Contessa Dane Boys- Gulliver Sutton Trace Vladimir Houdini Gin Upton[/name

  • Forums: Tess as a nn... help?

    Let me add my two cents: Quintessa Contessa Thessaly Thisbe Thomasina Thalassa Temperance Theodosia [name

  • Forums: Ways to get the nn Tess or Tessa???

    kind of similar as do Tasia/Tessa. I knew a Contessa who went by Tessa. I've read that Tess can be an obscure old nickname for [name

  • Forums: Full name for Tess.

    incomplete to me.. I think Contessa is sooo pretty! I like Thessaly or just Tess . I really love that name too! A slightly more

  • Forums: Vivica? Hope? I have no idea!

    /> Dislike: Contessa - Feels like naming your daughter Duchess or Queen to me. Plus, I think of the Barefoot Contessa . Gabriella - For

  • Forums: A brother or sister for little Jack or Olivia

    href="/babyname/Prince">Prince & Contessa Micheal & Racheal Leo &

  • Forums: Proper name for Tess

    really, it may be a stretch, but all names with 'st' in them could to some degree give the nickname Tess... It is a stretch though...! Ad I have to say I like Contessa the most

  • Forums: 2nd Daughter, here are my options so far...please vote!

    ]Nahla Jordyn Leni Contessa Leni Teegan Leni Reece Leni Josephina Leni [name

  • Forums: Francesca

    though when I hear that name is the full name of the character Dot from the old Animaniacs cartoon... Her name was.... Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa[/name

  • Forums: Tess as a nn... help?

    the time and occasionally Tessa.. The only name that I could think of was Contessa . Btw, I love Tessa on its own! Super sweet! Good luck! Tess is