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  • Forums: Help using quote bubbles?

  • User List: Too Cute to Function

    , PRIMROSE, SUNSHINE, DAFFODIL, BLISS, BLOSSOM, FEATHER, PEACHES, PEPPER, PLUM, BUTTERCUP, CHAMP, BUSTER, HONEY, MAPLE, Bubbles , Junebug, Morning Glory, Periwinkle, Toffee, Cupcake, Cub, Sugarplum, Cookie

  • Forums: WDYT: Euphrosyne

    ">Iris , Ines . 4. Bubbles ! (Froz, Nee?) 5. Eurydice , Eupheme, Euphemia 1

  • Forums: Which Girl's Name?

    ="/babyname/Piper">Piper really depressed, it isn't possible! It's like trying to make the word bubbles sound evil! Anyway, favorites still are: Evelyn

  • Forums: WDYT: Euphrosyne

    You know, Irm, I couldn't think of anything! I'm horrible at nicknames! There's this nickname thread over in the babynames forum, and I couldn't think of a nickname for any of them. Bubbles is cute

  • Forums: A Christmas Surprise, a dice game

    : Madeline Bubbles . Husband: Larry Bubbles . 1. Sabrina

  • Forums: Edith Rosalie - thoughts?

    bubbles , but I find Edith to be very plain and homely, but if that's your favorite, than here are some middle names that might help it out!

  • Forums: What are your pet's names?

    ="/babyname/Bowie">Bowie (my bro when he was 8) Hermit crab: Royal (I was 13) Guinea Pig: Cookie (Awks preteen years) Hamsters: Bubbles & Ice

  • Forums: What is the worst name you've ever heard?

    gas) with the name " Bubbles " on her nametag. If I had had to wear a nametag in my 20s, I might have tried re-inventing myself if it was allowed. Bubbles , not so much re-inventing, but maybe her real

  • Forums: Blossom

    life". Powerpuff Girls were Blossom , Bubbles , and Buttercup !

  • Forums: Valentine or Blossom?

    ="/babyname/Blossom">Blossom , where's Bubbles and Buttercup ?" which isn't a big deal, but annoying imo. Harmony and

  • Forums: Are these names a "mouthful"?

    kid sit there for 5 minutes while she fills in 10 bubbles ! I know it sounds silly, but that's the kind of thing I think of when picking out names.... So my question is: Are these two first

  • Forums: WDYT: Euphrosyne

    href="/babyname/Jade">Jade , Claire , Ivy , Iris , Ines . 4. Bubbles

  • Forums: Help using quote bubbles?

    It is probably painfully obvious, but I have not been able to figure out how to post using a quote from another member in those highlighted bubbles . Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Forums: Lilac's Chance, Choose, Roll Game Part2

    Fish : Bubbles Fish : Violet (The link no longer works so I just googled popular pet names

  • Forums: Cosmo, Bella, Simone and?

    Simone. They are looking for a soap opera name or something off TV, but I also think names that mean hope or luck would be cool too. Names like Bubbles and Lulu they can't stand

  • Forums: Anterior placenta and baby movement?

    I wasn't feeling anything (with an anterior placenta) I couldn't feel much till 23 weeks. Sometimes I'd feel something, but I don't like the idea of mistaking some gas bubbles for my baby, LOL.

  • Forums: A nickname for Grace

    can get. Maybe you should just count on a future daughter acquiring a pet name, like Chichi, Bubbles , Scout , Mishkin, etc. Or I guess you could dissect the

  • Forums: Name For A Red Betta Fish

    /> Baron Bubbles Duke Dorsalfin Grandmaster Gill Sultan of

  • Forums: What where your Dolls/Stuffed Animals Names?

    recall any other toys having names until I was in my teens. I do know that at some point I had a monkey I called Bubbles (after the friend who gave it to me, we called her Bubbles ). And in my

  • Forums: Starting to get a bit irritated by the reaction to my daughter's unusual name

    ignorant. Some people are happy living in their little uneducated worlds, almost like they live in their own little bubbles . We named our son Luther which is

  • Forums: Lilac's Chance, Choose, Roll Game Part2

    Fish : Bubbles Fish : Violet (The link no longer works so I just googled popular pet names

  • Forums: Double middle names

    there is almost always one bubble for the middle initial. I think it would be problematic to constantly run out of room or bubbles on official forms and what not. It's just not very functional

  • Forums: Daisy as a nn for Magdalene, opinions on Gwennora, & spelling of Rhoswen?

    for their creativity and originality! (Our little neighbor girl introduced herself to us as ' Bubbles ' when she was four. I asked if that was her real name, and no, it wasn't. Her real name was

  • Forums: Crosby for a Girl?

    ] Crosby is cute too. Thanks for the ideas :) I don't want to burst any bubbles here but I'm not a fan, sorry! First I think The Cosby Show then I think Crosby, Stills

  • Forums: Two Middle Names???

    .), I remember just hating how long it took me to fill out the bubbles on standardized testing and filling out paperwork etc. I was glad to get a simpler name when I got married, though it wasn't any

  • Forums: baby clothes for fat little babies

    creases would get tan lines! It surprises me that Japanese clothing runs 'chubbier.' Would think American clothes would be the biggest! I dressed Phoebe in a lot of dresses and bubbles , so the

  • Blog Post: Confessions of a Desperate Baby-Namer

    a bit dry. Trust me, when it comes to girl names, the well of adorably androgynous designations bubbles over, but this boy thing is tough. I’ve been thinking that most

  • Blog Post: What Shall We Name Grandma?

    -wall. I kind of cringed at the thought of her being a Bubbles , or Glamma. There are so many options for variations along more traditional lines, like Nanna ,

  • Forums: Question about c-section

    /> The first few days are so painful, (at least for me) You have quite a feel gas bubbles that might push on your incision and it does hurt like a mother to sit up or walk those first few days. After day 4