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  • Forums: What middle name do you like for Amora? (Poll)

  • Forums: What do you think of the name Amora Catherine?

    I have a new name picked out, and I think it's gorgeous. :D I was wanting two Latin names together, but can't find one, anyway: Amora means "love", and is of Spanish/Latin origin Catherine

  • Forums: is it a good combo? :)

    Hey berries!! How are you? I hope you are doing great! Well, as you may all know, Amora is one of the names that appears on NB blog today, and I think it´s

  • User List: Lopes da Silva (female names, Part 10 of 12)

    , AMANDA, RANIA, SIRAN, SIMONA, MICHELLE, SAMANTHA, MAEVA, CAYLA, Shalua, Shelke, Feline, Aina, Quina, Cherine, Jorine, Sitara, Iria, Amora , Solea, Nurana, Derya, Benina, Joscelin, Alamea, Alona

  • Forums: MN Kate?

    the two? As far as first names nothing is decided but I think it will be something three or more syllables ending in a. Our ideas so far... Alaina Victoria Amora (suggested on

  • Forums: LAST POLL,I have my C section FEB 14, and no name YET !!! PLEASE HELP !!!!

    ]Josephine Josephine Amora Amora Josephine Amora Belle Valentina Belle Belle Valentina Bella [name

  • Forums: Need help with some combinations!

    baby. And so here are some names I like..... Amity Amora Elke Hallie Imogen Elsie Elsa Iris Greta[/name

  • Forums: Opposite words inside of names

    Imogen --> Youreogen Karen --> Karentn Samantha --> Sawomantha Paul --> Maul Amanda --> Amora

  • Forums: mn for beatrix

    ="/babyname/ Amora "> Amora . While it's technically not Valentine -related, it sounds so much like the French and Italian words for love (amour/amore prn'd uh-more-ay) that it

  • Forums: My expecting BFF got crazy.

    . Lovely probably won't look great when she applies for a job. How about Amora ? The Italian word for 'love' is something like 'amore', and Amora kind of goes with Alessandro

  • Forums: Amoreena, honest first thoughts?

    Amorine or Amora or even Moira or Nina. I would question any parent who used this. Honestly, my first impression was that it looks made up. Like someone (apparently

  • Forums: Forming Two Girl names

    > What do you think of Cecily Amora and Wisteria

  • Forums: A brother or sister for little Jack or Olivia

    ="/babyname/Paxton">Paxton & Iris Vincent & Amora Cameron &

  • Forums: What do you think of these names?

    not just use the Isla spelling if its pronounced like that. Aubrielle: sounds kind of made up. What about Audrey? Other A- Names: Aurelie Amora Amory

  • Forums: Need NAME by tomorrow!

    that are pretty close. (: NameGoddess I'm going to have to pick a Spanish name as well! Right now I like these: Lola Susana Beatriz Amora (It means love

  • Forums: A Few Preschooler Names

    -MAR-ee) Tileia (pronounced ti-LAY-a) Kenzi Tamya (pronounced ta-MY-a) Trynitee Diona Amora (I love this name, especially since the

  • Forums: Words to names

    /Rory">Rory , Aurora , Oakley , Amora , and Arrow The next person can do

  • Forums: If You Had a Baby Tomorrow...

    />If I had a baby tomorrow A girl would be Cambria Rose or Francine Amora A boy

  • Forums: Names from baby photo contest: Lucky, Azalea, Odin, etc

    /> Ka'mora (also Amora ) Aariana (also Aerionna ) Emmersyn (also Emmely ) Jennifer - I thought

  • Forums: Amoreena, honest first thoughts?

    Amorina is a bit better or Amorine or Amora or even Moira or Nina .It looks like a smoosh name.

  • Forums: Middle name help

    ="/babyname/Grace">Grace Amore Merewina Amora Merewina Evangelina /Evangeline Merewina

  • Forums: Sofia alternatives

    ]Sanchia Simone Cerys or Sanchia Simone Karenza. Names that mean love: Amora Kerensa Carita[/name

  • Forums: Unusual A-names

    Anouk Amora Amory Aurelie Allegra and Anouk, two of my faves! There are so many great As out there!

  • Forums: Ideas that could go with my son's name...

    french boy names) Myles Girls: Andra Amora Gerwin Meggie Robin Adalie Jessamine

  • Forums: Loveanne?

    thought Loveanne Joy would be cute :) Kind of reminds me of Lacey. What about: Amika Amora Aroha Brisa Darline Davina Harmony

  • Forums: Baby Girl #2 is due next week and needs a name!

    ]Angelina Amora Shea My favorite is Genevieve Adora Shea! I love the meaning behind all of these names and think they make an amazing combo

  • Forums: Sweet, gentle kitty needs a name!

    href="/babyname/How">How about Amorina, Amora or Amoura? nn Amma , Ora , Mora . No repeating consonants

  • Forums: Sisters for August and Desmond?

    /> Valentine /Valentina Rosamund Amora Gwendolyn

  • Forums: Just For Fun CAF

    DS: Tristan Valentine DS/DS: Andrew Frost & Colton Ezra DD: Sapphire Shay DD: Amora Noelle DH: Rory

  • Forums: Stuck on a MN for Olive

    /> olive anouk olive anabelle olive magnolia olive rosemary olive lavendar olive rosabelle olive isla olive amora olive bellarosa make it sing