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  • Forums: baby brother name to similar to Aiven

    I think Teague sounds really nice with Aiven .Aiven and Bede Aiven and Edric Aiven and

  • Forums: Carden?

    ="/babyname/Just">Just glancing at your list, I thought some of those were definitely too popular to use with the awesome Aiven - Conner ,

  • Forums: baby boy name Caimin?

    , even with a different spelling. I like Caimin. It's nice. I like it! Although I'm not that keen of Aiven and Caimin together because they both end in an N. Also I'm just wondering how

  • Forums: Still looking for baby brother name to go with Aiven

    Aiven (blank) O' Leary . Firstly, I'd go with with a one or four syllable middle name. It's more melodic and less more monotone when all parts of the name have differing

  • Forums: Heard any new-ish/fresh names recently?

    I don't think this name is new but I just heard it on a little girl in real life and loved it, Aven. I'm not sure how it's spelled, maybe it's Aiven . It's similar to Avery

  • Forums: Carden?

    think it's an excellent choice, and I think, of all the names that you have listed, that it goes best with Aiven .I like the name Carden . I went to

  • Forums: Going through Gerber Generation

    ="/babyname/Lincoln">Lincoln Aiven Colie Jennette Hilton AdaReece

  • Forums: Give us some new thoughts

    ], Ryanne, Reese Afton - Avonlea, Aivyn/ Aiven , Ariel, Arlene, Adelaide Cleo - Clementine, [name