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    First Names
    Mercury- I like it
    Thor- eh
    Echo - pretty on a girl, don't like it on a boy
    Loki- i don't like ti much
    Perseus- very nice, nickname percy
    Paris- why would you want to name your baby after that pretty boy loser? I really hate Paris of Troy, I much prefer Menelaus
    Phoenix- pretty cool
    Sirius- love it
    Theseus- meh, he's kind of a jerk
    Tristan- nice enough
    Aries- it's alright, nicer spelled this way than Ares with the god of war thing

    Middle Names
    Launcelot- I would spell it Lancelot, it's okay, kind of over the top for a kd though, but as a middle name it's okay
    Atlas- eh, it kind of makes me think of maps, and i don't know that he's the nicest character to name your kid after
    Zephyr- pretty cool
    Hermes- cool
    Mordred- Depending on your point of view he was either an evil wacko or a tragic hero who couldn't withstand the weight of his fate (thinking Nancy Springer's I Am Mordred), either way it's a heavy name for a child
    Excalibur- why would you name your kid after a sword?
    Loki- same as i said on first name
    Llyr- nice sound
    Odysseus- pretty cool greek hero, i like that he's remembered for brains rather than brute strength

    Combos I'd like from your list:
    Phoenix Odysseus
    Perseus Llyr
    Sirius Hermes
    Mercury Odysseus

    I wnat to name my son Hector Menelaus

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    Mercury: It's intriguing, but I think it's very tied to the lovely Freddie Mercury.
    Thor: Great name, a little overused for my own generation here in Denmark, but for an English-speaking bub it would be great. One never goes wrong with the God of Thunder.
    Echo: Don't care for it.
    Loki: I think it's great, I knew brothers called Odin and Loke (Danish form of Loki) once.
    Perseus: Like it, but not as much as I like Theseus.
    Paris: Is it pronounced like the city? Because in Denmark we pronounce it like PARR-iss (it's difficult to explain and forvo failed to deliver a pronunciation) as opposed to the was we pronounce the city (pah-RIS, or something like that) and I think our way of pronouncing the Greek Paris is stunning.
    Phoenix: It's a decent name.
    Sirius: Makes me think of HP, but that's not a bad association.
    Theseus: One of my favourites from the Greek mythology (along with Heracles).
    Tristan: Great name, very romantic and heroic to me.
    Aries: Don't really care for this one either.

    Launcelot: Doesn't speak to me as some of the other names do, but a great name indeed.
    Atlas: Not my style, but intriguing.
    Zephyr: Beautiful, prefer the feminine form though.
    Hermes: Such a lovely name, I really love it. As long as you don't pair him with Mercury ;D
    Mordred: Feeling ambivalent about this one.
    Excalibur: Don't care for it.
    Loki: See above (I do prefer it as a first name though).
    Llyr: This would make a stunning middle name (would probably get too confusing as a first), I love it.
    Odysseus: Probably my favourite of them all. Odysseus is just such an aesthetically pleasing name, extremely beautiful to say and so good-looking at the same time.

    Mercury Odysseus
    Thor Launcelot
    Paris Exclaibur
    Loki Hermes
    Theseus Llyr
    Tristan Odysseus
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    First Names
    Mercury- not a fan
    Thor- prefer this as a nickname for Hawthorne
    Echo - not a fan
    Loki- not a name I would wish on a child. Too easy to call loco
    Perseus- okay. I'd call him Percy, but in that case, I'd probably just name him Percy or Percival to begin with.
    Paris- After Paris Hilton, I wouldn't give a child or a pet this name.
    Phoenix- I think this is usable.
    Sirius- I'm a HUGE HP fan, but I wouldn't give my kid this name as a first name.
    Theseus- I think it's usable, but I'm not a huge fan
    Tristan- definitely usable but it's always had a mildly feminine flair for me
    Aries- I wouldn't want to name my child after the god of war, but that's just me.

    Middle Names
    Launcelot- a) I think it's Lancelot b) meh
    Atlas- totally usable
    Zephyr- not a fan. There's a water company in Florida called Zephyrhills that makes me associate this with crappy water instead of mystical winds. Also, it's the title of a crappy Red Hot Chili Peppers song.
    Hermes- love it but it might be associated with the fashion brand
    Mordred- "morbid dread"
    Excalibur- nope
    Loki- see above
    Llyr- please no
    Odysseus- I'm a huge fan of the Odyssey, so I'd say it's usable as a middle. You could always try Ulysses instead.

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    Like but wouldn't use:
    Launcelot (prefer Lancelot)

    Like and would us:
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    My favorites: (underlined those I would use) Perseus, Sirius, Tristan, Lancelot and Atlas.

    Thoughts on all:
    Mercury/Hermes - I know you have Hermes as a mn but they are the same persona. I really don't like either as a name.
    Thor - I love Thor, in particular as a nn for Theodor/e. I'd worry about it as a stand-a-lone name. What if your child is not Thor like at all? Could be weird or maybe worst yet what if your son is a body-builder named Thor?
    Echo - Echo is such a prominently female figure to me, I can't see her on a boy.
    Loki - you have him twice/ once here and on the mn list. I think Loki is fun but I'd leave him on the mn. He's a bit too much of a trouble maker for a fn for me and also Low-Key.
    Perseus - I love Perseus. Think he's great and well deserves to be on any FN mythological name list.
    Paris - too prissy/pretty boy.
    Phoenix - I love Phoenix' but I think that when it comes to names this one is a little too "blunt object" for me. Plus it always strikes me as on of those where parents wanted something outlandish and cool and would probably put and x, y or extra k in anything if it made their LO stand out.
    Sirius - Handsome and a rare sighting even by NB standards. My only problem might be that people will pronounce it like "serious" - though I've considered Earnest in the past so clearly it wouldn't stop me from using this name.
    Theseus - I prefer Perseus and this is just so close. I'd nix it. Still lovely though.
    Tristan - I love me some Tristan. I was convinced for years this would be my second son's name. However, it's rise in popularity and mostly it's becoming "unisex" has turned me a bit off of it.
    Aries - In my mind all my boys are warriors and yet I feel Aries (and Mars) are just too violent for me. I mean the God of War. And not even Athena who was all about the strategy but really just bloodshed war… eh.

    Middle Names
    Launcelot - handsome mn option.
    Atlas - I love Atlas and think he should make an appearance on your FN list. (The only reason he's not in my siggy is because I already have too many A names. And Atlas just had to go.)
    Zephyr - mns.
    Hermes - see above.
    Mordred - so torn. In theory cool but also well just too linked to trechery for me. Unlike my love Morgana he hasn't made it out of the dog-house quite yet.
    Excalibur - This is a mn that ANY little boy would want to have. I don't know if I'd want it as an adult but I think it works well and would definitely be unique.
    Loki - see above.
    Llyr - I think you are going to run into a lot of pronunciation problems and think he's well placed here in middle land, but not my favorite.
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