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Thread: YOUR top ten?

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    Mar 2013
    It's so hard for me to put them in any type of order, my list is always changing. Well, at least for girls. My boys names have stayed pretty much the same for quite a while now.

    1. Genevieve
    2. Violet
    3. Eleanor
    4. Rosalind
    5. Gwendolyn
    6. Josephine
    7. Isla
    8. Stella
    9. Beatrice
    10. Iris

    1. Leo
    2. Samuel
    3. Luca
    4. August
    5. River
    6. Eli
    7. Nikolai
    8. Nathaniel
    9. Alexander
    10. Ezra

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    I really like all of your names except for Maeve. I don't know why, but I have a difficult time with that one.

    My top 10 girls

    1. Francine
    2. Evangeline
    3. Caroline
    4. Marguerite
    5. Katherine
    6. Victoria
    7. Emmaline
    8. Daphne
    9. Annaliese
    10. Anastasia

    My top 10 boys

    1. Dashiell
    2. Carmichael
    3. William
    4. Harrison
    5. Jeremy
    6. Thomas
    7. Francis
    8. Jesse
    9. Ramsay
    10. Sabastian

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    Edith. Iris. Lyra. Violet. Clara. Freya. Alice. Ottilie. Marian. Luella. Beatrice. Anthea. Romilly. Martha. Grace.
    Arthur. Stanley. Felix. Henry. Otto. Samuel. Dexter. Edward. Julian. Nicholas. Ira. Sidney. Winston. Thomas. Gabriel.


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    Oct 2012
    New Zealand
    Current Favorites:
    Helena, Anna, Gwen, Faye, Ruth, Mary, Georgina, Cordelia, June, Kristina, Elaine
    Briar, Daniel, Callum, Reed, Robert, Abel, Raphael, Edwin, Magnus, Caspian

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    Atlas Clare (or Claire but I prefer Clare
    Ainsley Joy
    Elle Grace or Elle Rene (i mean Rene like the more common spelling Renee, but my middle name is spelled Rene and pronounced the same way)
    Andromeda Lisette
    Sierra Blakely
    Lennon Hope
    Alice Skye (especially fond of this one)
    Lynna Faith
    Luna Beth or Luna Lisette
    Eleanor Rose
    Xavier James
    Xander Scott (Or Zander but i think i like the X better)
    Anthony John
    Elliot Knox
    Matthew Keith
    Riley Cooper
    Timothy Brown
    Lucas Bradley
    Liam Edward
    Blaise Riley

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