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    Sigh. While I do not think you are trolling necessarily, this is sort of redundant. These forums are ideal to bounce ideas and get feedback to give you an idea of what the name would garner in real life. They also help give you direction with their comments so you can tweak what you have into what you want it to be. Some names just don't make it through the grinder, but it's usually for a good reason. You're 22, which is older than some people who are first time moms, but still young enough to lack the experience of seeing trends and fallouts.

    Your list didn't win a lot of acclaim by any means, but at first everyone tried to give constructive criticism. Posting them again as the most beautiful names was sort of like asking for insults being as you already knew what everybody thought.

    While you do have a few names mixed in those combos that are fairly normal ( Even then most of those are mispelled but at least they resembled normal names in sound) most of your names do sort of come off as a joke, in the sense that nobody is taking them seriously. Finn Dolph is basically dolphin in reverse, the same premise of Evol and Ecaep being reverse spelling. You just reversed sounds on that one. You think it's clever and meaningful when the reality is that 99.9 % of the people you and your child will encounter will think you were flying high off the epidural when you named them. And since you asked for public opinions you were given them. Now that you know what those opinions are either disregard them and do your own thing or reconsider your names. But there is no reason to keep posting the same list to ask the same question. You aren't asking to narrow your list down, you were offered suggestions and ignored them consistently, so I don't see what you're going for. You seem to have no need for a forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brilliantnamer89892 View Post
    Its one thing to insult my favorite names, but another to...
    Well, you did ask for criticism on the name. Look back at your OP, you said "What do you all think?", and one could be forgiven for thinking you wanted their honest opinion. Not everyone has to agree they are the most beautiful names of all time.

    Mona Justice Veronique - It's actually quite nice.
    Evol Rhianna - Rhianna (or Rhiannon) is fine. Evol is just not going to work. Yes, it's like a hidden message, but what's the point in naming your kid a message if it's hidden? Besides, people are going to see the the word 'evil' before they see 'love'. So what's the point????
    Vespucci "Pucci" Sierrabella - Meh, Sierrabella is pretty.
    Brittania Seth - Seth is masculine. Brittania is nice, though it looks like Britannia.
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    Quote Originally Posted by strawberry shortcake View Post
    Beautiful names are subjective, you can't just declare those names are the Most Beautiful Names of All Time.
    Exactly! Well, I mean, you *can* declare them the most beautiful names of all time, but be prepared for people to disagree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brilliantnamer89892 View Post
    The name isn't Evil. It's Evol. Pronounced EH-vull. Kinda like Evan. Once you get used to it, it grows on you.
    No, it doesn't.
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    I don't believe you are a troll whatsoever... and I've seen plenty in my time. I think you can all stop bashing her for that now.

    However, in my opinion the majority of your names are fairly awful, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'm not going to tell you they aren't beautiful as a hard, fast rule. What I will tell you is that I find them quite the opposite of beautiful, but that is just me.
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