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    DW Eleanor June Davis (19) (Photographer/stay at home mum)
    DH Jack Alexander Cowan (22) (Athlete) (Owns a small publishing house)

    They were just friends, living in Orlando, Florida. She lives in a two bedroom apartment while he lives in a farm house.


    Three years later,

    Have a son, a happy surprise, Dexter Finian

    Have a second child, a girl, Rosemary Alice

    Adopt a lizard

    Eleanor, Jack, Dexter and Rosemary


    Have girl/boy twins, Imogen June and Sebastian Alex

    Eleanor, Jack, Dexter, Rosemary, Imogen and Sebastian.

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    Two years later Grace is longing for a baby to hold again. Her three toddlers keep her on her toes and she has quit her job teaching to be a stay at home mom, at least until her kids are bigger. Tristan tells that he isn't ready to have another baby just yet, but neither of them take any precautions to prevent it from happening. Three months later they discover they are again expecting, the baby will be born right about the time of the triplets third birthday. A week after the triplets turn three Grace has a baby boy. They name him Jack Tristan, continuing the tradition in the Kruse family of passing down the father's first name the the son's middle name.

    Colton and Noah, age 3:
    Ivy, age 3:
    Jack, age NB:

    Tristan and Grace Kruse, both age 26
    Colton, Noah, Ivy age 3
    Jack, age NB

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    If you are MARRIED, you get a baby!*Roll*to find out what!

    3. Boy/Boy

    MN: Same as DH's
    Name(s): Colt Solomon Thomas & Beckham Dane Thomas

    Amara + Dane=
    Cooper, Colt, and Beckham
    Sophie the hamster
    Future Little Ones
    Lydia Violet, Rosalie Elsa, Cora Penelope, Amelia Isobel
    Finn Matthew, Henry Johnston, Troy Oliver, Archer Bryce

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    Amelia Louise Clark (24)

    Jeff Rowan Henderson (24)
    Musical Theatre

    What's their story?
    1. Married 1 year, High School Sweethearts

    Current City:
    10. Orlando, Florida

    2. Townhouse


    How long has it been?
    3 years

    Step Two:

    What Happens?

    2. Unable to get pregnant... Adopt locally!
    Boy - kindergartener. Donovan Matteo Henderson

    Step Three:
    4. Frog. Flippers.

    Jeff & Amelia Henderson
    Donovan Henderson - 5
    Flippers Henderson - 1 frog year

    New baby!
    6. Girl/Boy twins!

    Simonetta Louise Henderson & Michael Rowan Henderson

    List your family!

    Jeff & Amelia Henderson
    Donovan Henderson - 7
    Flippers Henderson
    Simonetta Henderson - 1
    Michael Henderson - 1
    -- Lottie --

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