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Thread: Quiz Name Game

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    Post Quiz Name Game

    Daughter 1
    First name:
    Which colour is your favourite?

    Red: Ruby
    Orange: Clementina
    Yellow: Daisy
    Green: Gwendolen
    Blue: Marina
    Purple: Violet
    Other: Aurora

    Middle name:

    What game system do you like most?
    Xbox- Jane
    Playstation- Mae
    Other: Beatrice
    Not into video games: Robin

    Son 1
    First name:
    What color eyes do you have?
    Brown: Bruno
    Blue: Sailor
    Green: Nolan
    Hazel: Aurelius
    Other/Not telling: Ashton

    Middle name:
    Which of these book series do you like best?
    Harry Potter - Howard
    Hunger Games- Peter
    Twilight- Aidan
    Divergent- Ulysses
    I like more than one of these equally: Evan
    I like a different series the most: Taylor
    I don't really like to read: Shannon

    Daughter 2:
    First name:
    What kind of TV shows do you like?

    Reality: Renata
    Sci fi: Samantha
    Fantasy: Anastasia
    Drama: Dasha
    Cooking: Adeline
    Documentary: Misty
    Soap Opera: Ophelia
    Cartoon: Carrie
    Other: Olive
    I like more than one of these: Guinevere
    I don't like TV much: Isabel

    Middle name
    What kind of movies do you like?
    Action: Carden
    Horror: Ava
    Fantasy: Charlotte
    Sci fi: Susannah
    Drama: Juliet
    Romance: Kelilah
    Comedy: Astrid
    Other: Athena
    More than one of these: Mariella
    I don't like movies much: Naoma

    Son 2: First name:
    What is your favorite kind of pet?
    Dog: Donald
    Cat: Casey
    Bird: Bernard
    Rodent: Samuel
    Fish:: Felix
    More than one of these: Matt
    Other kind of pet: Sampson
    Don't really like pets: Theodore

    Middle name:
    FAVOURITE kind of dessert?
    Pie: Pedro
    Cake: Cayden
    Pudding: Haze
    Ice Cream: Asher
    Cookies: Cash
    Other: Oscar
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    I guess I should share mine.

    Daisy Willow
    Bruno Howard
    Carrie Charlotte
    Donald Oscar
    Teenberry. Ravenclaw. Age 15. INTP. Writer. Christian. Taurus. No kids, just baby name obsessed.

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