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    Give ages and stereotypes to the following names

    Say the names in my signature were all apart of a huge sibset. How would you stereotype them and how old would you think of them as in the family?
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    Autumn Elaine
    Caroline Constance
    Lydia Capri
    Rain Thalia
    Courtney Belle
    Catherine Elodie
    Annalie Corryn
    Calderin Isla
    Taylor Alice
    Demi Calypso

    Eden Elliot
    Daniel Anthony
    Ronan Barry
    Riley Dean
    Elsen Gregory
    Aubrey Owen
    Luke Faolan
    Sonny Andrew
    Morgan Angelo
    Cody Caderyn

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    Autumn Elaine: Popular, a little conceited, a bit lazy. 15 years old.
    Caroline Constance: Very sweet, smart, and a diligent worker. 12 years old.
    Lydia Capri: Interested in music, outgoing, plays piano. 13 years old.
    Rain Thalia: Always looking for a new cause to support, down to earth, a bit shy. 10 years old.
    Courtney Belle: Used to getting what she wants, but treats her friends well. 7 years old.
    Catherine Elodie: A little boring, but a loyal friend. 15 years old.
    Annalie Corryn: Spoiled, out of touch with reality, not very fun to be around. 19 years old.
    Calderin Isla: Spends all of her free time playing video games, a bit unfocused and lazy. 14 years old.
    Taylor Alice: Very energetic, plays several different sports, and always willing to try something new. 8 years old.
    Demi Calypso: Hopes to become an artist, extroverted, loves to meet new people. 6 years old.

    Eden Elliot: Loves music, plays guitar, is a bit shy, and a very hard worker. 16 years old.
    Daniel Anthony: Daring, loves playing pranks on his friends, always up for a new experience. 12 years old.
    Ronan Barry: Sweet, kind, loves spending time outside. 6 years old.
    Riley Dean: Athletic, plays hockey and baseball, a loyal friend. 13 years old.
    Elsen Gregory: Very studious, cares a lot about his grades, introverted. 10 years old.
    Aubrey Owen: Spoiled, self-involved, doesn't really care about anyone aside from himself. 15 years old.
    Luke Faolan: Smart, funny, and a great friend. Loves telling jokes and making people smile. 13 years old.
    Sonny Andrew: Kind of boring, not very ambitious. No hobbies. A big of a blank slate. 17 years old.
    Morgan Angelo: Very interested in languages and travel, wants to travel the world someday. 14 years old.
    Cody Caderyn: Popular, everybody's best friend, loves sports and spending time with his friends. 11 years old.
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    Autumn Elaine is the oldest at 22.5. she's the reader and the scholar. She is also motherly.

    Sonny Andrew, turning 21 soon, is the classic, oldest brother jock and gruff, grumpy guy

    Catherine Elodie & Caroline Constance - just now 19 - are the gossippy twins and less studious than some of their siblings, more gabby.

    Lydia Capri, 17 is next and she tries to keep up with the twins but she's 18 months younger and is annoying to them.

    Eden Elliot & Elsen Gregory are 15 year old scholarly twins like their big sis autumn, very calculated & maybe a bit haughty.

    The next ones are 13 year old triplets - Courtney Belle, Cody Caderyn and Calderin Isla. They're adventurous and always off solving a mystery they've invented.

    Another set of three - Rain Thalia, Riley Dean & Ronan Barry are 10.5. These three are all quite different. Each of them is artistically inclined but Riley is a movie maker, Ronan is a rock star, and Rain is a ballerina.

    Luke Faolan - age 9 - is a broodish, grouchy temperamental type and likes to write stark, dark poems and lyrics.

    Taylor Alice, just 7, is bookish in a pretentious sort of way and probably adopts frequent strays.

    Morgan Angelo (Kindergarten smartie) is a history buff, a bicycle enthusiast, and a bug collector.

    Annalie Corryn & Aubrey Owen (age 3) are sweet, shy types and they love animals.

    Demi Calypso and Daniel Anthony are baby twins. They already couldn't be more different with Daniel being more reserved and nervous while Demi is more humored and noisy.
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