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    Dec 2009

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    Oct 2009

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    19 year old writer, baby name lover and avid reader!

    Top names at the moment
    Girls: Lillian Avery, Everly Grace, Isabelle Rose, Rosalie Eden, Violet Addyson & Charlotte Mae
    Boys: Theodore John, Nathaniel Troy, Masen Alexander, Logan Edward, Emmett Levi & Kainan Christopher.

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    Aug 2011
    Your name: (your choice)
    Husband's name: (your choice)

    H.S. Hayden Sawyer
    Q.G. Quintin Grey
    D.R. Declan Roman
    C.B. Caspar Blaise
    L.W. Logan William

    P.R. Piper Rose
    C.J. Charlotte Josephine
    R.E. Raleigh Elizabeth
    A.C. Arabella Charlize
    B.L. Blair Lenora

    Have fun berries! <3
    T. R. U. D. Y.
    Current Faves:
    Declan Theodore. Liam Oliver. Grant Alexander.
    Aria Charlize. Milena Rose. Caroline Bronwen.

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    My name: Karver Elise
    Husbands name: Jax Bradley

    Holden Sage
    Quintin Gray (Even though I hate this name I have to use a Q)
    Dax Ryker
    Callen Brooks
    Leo Wade

    Piper Reese
    Cadence Jane
    Ruby Emmeline
    Annabel Cosette
    Brielle Lillian
    Kaitlyn | Name lover | No babies, just planning.

    Check out my Name Blog! Latest post 1/20/2015

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