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    I had pretty ordinary toys when I was younger, but just thinking about some of them makes me really miss them <3

    Sam - a stuffed puppet basset hound <3
    Little Ted - a tiny light brown teddy bear. He lost his eyes and nose when we got our puppy Sandy when I was 8 XD
    Simba - stuffed Disney lion, I never thought to change his name lol
    Lissy - stuffed bunny rabbit I got for Christmas one year. I named her after Miss Honey's Lissy Doll after seeing the movie Matilda.
    Darth Mickey - from the star wars ride at Disney World, a stuffed Mickey dressed as a jedi
    Blankie - I adored my blanket the most growing up. We referred to it as Blankie like it had a name, so I think this counts lol
    Grubby - Thanks, mom. I had a baby doll when I was young that was like a hand-me-down, and she wasn't in the best shape. My mom always called her Grubby, and it always annoyed me lol
    Heavenly Song - a custom first generation My Little Pony that was a gift from my Dutch friend <3

    And the rest of my toys have slipped my mind..that or they just never had permanent names. With my barbie dolls, I changed their names like every time I played with them lol
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    Great White (life size husky stuffed animal)
    - and her three babies, Lily, Tom, & Julie

    That's all I can remeber. Max & Blackie are pretty typical. I think Roxy's pretty cool. Frisbee and Great White, aren't real names, but I still think they were clever. Lily, Tom, & Julie were all fine names, but are popular for my age group so I was familiar with them. Luciano, Willoughby, Francis, and CeCe make me seem like I was always a name nerd, but CeCe and Francis were named for my aunt's dogs who looked like my stuffed animals. Willoughby and Luciano were named to make fun of two of my close family friends, Luke & Will. Their full names are the expected Lucas and William, but I decided these were more fun.

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    The only one I named was my stuffed dog. I named him Balto after the movie. Lol.

    In fact, funny thing...I named my stuffed dog after a movie character when I was just a small child. And now, grown and married, I've named my real animals the same way. We have a dog named Toph (after a character in Avatar: The Last Airbender), an all black cat named Bagheera (after the black panther in The Jungle Book), and another dog named Kovu (after the prince in Lion King II). We've also fostered two stray dogs and named them the same way. One was a hyena-looking mix that we named Shenzi (after the hyena from Lion King) and another was an Australian Cattle Dog mix that we named Copper (from Fox & The Hound).
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    Kobar, Aphrodite, Venus, Camilla, CoCo, Kit, Kim, Terri, Smokey, Rosalie, Eukie, Pepper, Turquoise, Jeremiah, Bobby, Lily, James, Minerva, Tonks, Trixie, Maddie, Gemo, Mary Alice, Kat, Genna, Cleopatra, Erin, Rhys, Silence, Jack, Diana, Nora, Ginger, Peach, Baboon, Arrow, Ritz, Indie, Mr. Jiggles, Apollo, King, Bonnie, Duchess, Harry, Andy, Thé Vert, Olive, Camo, Astro, Poppy, Jasmine, Ares, Demeter, Hannah, Pluto, Nikolai, Hercule, Luna, Arizona, Toadette, Miranda, Siam, Redd, Vanilla, Daffodil, Hatter, Weaver, Alyss, Persephone, April, Katherine, Mystery, Flower, Mae, Eros, Mac, Tabitha, Arion, Katya, Clarissa, Max, Connor, Fuzz, Andrea, Paul, Calipso, Cheshire & Maple
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    It was all about Rosie! But I also remember Syrup, Cocoa, Avalon, Boo-Boo, Angel, Alicia, Janet, Butch, Prairie, Bloomer, and Scotty.

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