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    Big Family Alphabet CAF

    Alphabet CAF

    9 daughters and 3 sons.

    This is based on my name taste, which is well... interesting. So, yeah, some of the names may be a little bit out there.

    LN: Addison, Baker, Carson, Dane, Ellery, Field, Grant, Huntington,

    DD1: (twin) Alice, Abbigail, Ariadne, Aurora, Avery // Bonnie, Brinley, Belle, Belinda, Beth

    DS1: (twin) Archer, Aurelius, Augusto, Ashton, Axel // Bennett, Baxter, Blue, Benicio, Bailey

    DD2: Cadence, Carolina, Charlotte, Claire, Cora // Daffodil, Daisy, Day, Diamond, Dorothy

    DD3: Emerald, Elsa, Essence Evangeline, Everly // Faith, Fawn, Felixa, Flora, Frances

    DS2: Garson, Gilbert, Graham, Gerald, Gordon // Hikaru, Howard, Hero, Henley, Heath

    DD4: Isadora, Ivory, Inga, Iris, Indigo // Jessa, Josephine, Jewel, Jay, Jane

    DD5: Kelilah, Kimana, Katharine, Kiara, Kinley // Larissa, Lola, Lynda, Lavender, Lorelai

    DS3: Logan, Lawson, Lincoln, Landon, Luciano // Morris, Maximilian, Moses, Marion, Mark

    DD6: Marissa, Marina, Margot, Merry, Mariella // Noelle, Nina, Nova, Neriah, Nieveira

    DD7: Ophelia, Opal, October, Olive, Odetta // Paxton, Phoebe, Phoenix, Penrose, Patricia

    DS4: Quade, Quiller, Rogan, Richard, Rodrgio // Samuel, Sasha, Silver, Sylvan, Sullivan

    DD8: Quinn, Queenie, Quincee, Questa, Renata// Rhiannon, Riella, Rainbow, Summer, Serenity

    DD 9: Sara, Serena, Sailor, Tyler, Tayla // Tinley, Tulip, Umbrielle, Ursa, Uma
    I am a 16 year-old Ravenclaw girl with many fandoms. You can call me Theodora or Phoenix. I do not plan on having kids, just lots of characters. And of course, I love names.

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    My name is Alivia
    I am from Massachusetts, USA
    My favorite names are Lia & Colin

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    LN: Grant

    DD1: (twin) Avery Belle
    DS1: (twin) Ashton Bailey
    DD2: Claire Daisy
    DD3: Emerald Flora "Emmy"
    DS2: Graham Henley
    DD4: Indigo Jane
    DD5: Katharine Lola "Katie"
    DS3: Logan Mark
    DD6: Margot Nova
    DD7: Ophelia Phoebe
    DS4: Quade Samuel
    DD8: Quinn Summer
    DD 9: Sailor Tinley
    Aimee - 16 - Reader- Swimmer

    Currently Reworking Combos

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