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    Dec 2012
    Ten Kids:
    B: Nashville Sirius
    B/B: Griffon Taj and Pheonix Huron
    B: Micah Zeke
    B/G: Kutcher Beckham (Ashton Kutcher and David Beckham) and Winfrey Stone (Oprah Winfrey and Emma Stone)
    G/B/G/B: Persephone Azalea, Zaide Willson, Liv Astrid and Kyler Jude
    1. Nash
    2. Griffy
    3. Nix
    4. Mikey
    5. Kutch
    6. Winnie
    7. P.A (Yes, its a valid name, my fifth grade teacher went by it)
    8. Zaide
    9. Livvy
    10. Ky

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