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    First name for nickname Coco?

    Hi all,

    My husbo and I have fallen hopelessly in love with the name Coco, but our last name is Serup (Danish-- yeah, it sounds like syrup) so we don't want to give her Coco as an official first name. I've thought of Carlotta as a first for the nickname Coco, but my list ends there.

    Anyone sitting on a goldmine of girls' names that could be the first name to our little Coco? Any suggestions are very much appreciated!

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    I think just about anything that begins with the letters Co- could use Coco as a nn. PP's name suggestions cover anything I can think of lol I think Coco would work for Carlotta just fine.
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    The only ones not mentioned by east93 I can think of are: Cosette, Cosima and Corinnthea

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    My niece Cori is called Coco

    Ice-T (Finn from Law & Order SVU) wife is Coco, her real name is Nicole

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