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    Jun 2012
    Pacific Northwest
    DH & DW: Theo Gray and Scarlett Elena Sterling
    Married in 2024

    2024: We open a bar with BIL on Main St. called "Scarlett Tavern"

    2025: We open a bookstore called "Rainy Day Reads"

    2026: We open another bookstore called "Sunny Day Books"

    2027: We move to Vancouver, CA.

    2028: We go to the Philippenes and adopt a 3-year-old girl whose name we keep as Rosita "Rosie" Maria

    2029: We move to Victoria, CA.

    2030: We open another bar w/ BIL called "Rosie Tavern"

    2031: We adopt a 6 year old girl and a 3 year old boy named, Josephine Tess and Maxwell Gray.

    2032: I get a new job as an elementary school teacher.

    2033: I am unexpectedly pregnant with twins girls! Their names are Annabel Ivy and Delilah Melody.

    2034: DH cousin Monica dies. We take in her 3 boys, Ronan-9, Lucas-6, and Bennett-2.

    2035: We adopt a baby girl named Clarissa Mae.

    2036: We open a restaraunt called "Scarlett Bites", a sandwitch shop.

    2037: I get featured on "The View" because of my 7 adopted kids, and 2 biological kids.

    2038: We adopt a Scottish Male Fold cat who the kids name Toby.

    2039: We adopt a female dachsaund named Matilda.

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    Apr 2010
    Anne Nicole (24) & Edward Jack (30)

    Year 1: You have twin girls!
    Neva Marie & Nola Elizabeth

    Year 2: Anne and Ed go into business with Anne's brother-in-law and open a bar together.
    Where is it located?
    San Diego, California
    What do you call it?
    Water Castle

    Year 3: You are unexpectedly pregnant with a baby girl!
    Vivienne Audrey

    Year 4: You have twin girls!
    Grace Charlotte Anne & Florence Emilia Ruth

    Year 5: Your family adopts a male German Shepard puppy.
    What do you name him?

    Year 6: You are unexpectedly pregnant with a baby girl!
    Stanislava Parascovia

    Year 7: You become unexpectedly pregnant! Twins! A boy and a girl:
    Nathaniel George & Katherine Josephine

    Year 8: You and DH come into some money. What do you do with it?
    Open new restaurants in Sacramento and New Jersey. Give the rest of the money to charity.

    Year 9: You are unexpectedly pregnant with a baby girl!
    Allison Blaire

    Year 10: You and DH move your family into a new house.
    What does it look like?
    Did you have to move to a different town or city?

    Year 11: Open a clothing store with your two best friends.
    What kind of clothing do you sell?
    Haute Couture

    What is the store called?
    Wear a Dress no Less

    Year 12: You have triplet boys
    Nicholas Jhon, Stephen Louis & William Rainer

    Year 13: You become unexpectedly pregnant with twins, it's a boy and a girl:
    Primrose Lux & Jacob Humphrey

    Year 14: You have twin boys!
    Richard Fredrich & Victor Charles

    Year 15: You get a tattoo! What is it and where is it on your body?
    The initials of all my kids on my left side.

    Anne (39) Ed (45) & their kids: Neva & Nola (15), Vienna (13), Grace & Flo (12), Stana (10), Nate & Kate (9), Ali (7), Nico, Steph & Liam (4), Rosie & Jack (3), Rick & Vic (2) + our dog- Booth
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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    Nov 2011
    New England, USA
    Celina Rachel Hudson, 35
    Nicholas Blaine Hudson, 36
    Married in 1998

    1998: You or one of your kids have a small role in a movie or TV show. What movie/show and what is your role?
    Nick guest stars on Friends as a guy named Justin.

    1999: You and DH move your family into a new house. What does it look like? Did you have to move to a different town or city?
    We move into a yellow Victorian with a turret in San Antonio.

    2000: You have a single baby girl
    (G) Maia Juliet Hudson, age 12 now

    2001: You have a single baby girl
    (G) Aria Charlotte Hudson, age 11 now

    2002: You are unexpectedly pregnant with a baby girl! Her first and middle names are up to you.
    (G) Elena Eloise Hudson, age 10 now

    2003: Your family adopts a female Birman cat. What do you name her?

    2004: You have twin boys.
    (B) Blake Robert Hudson & (B) Griffin Matthew "Finn" Hudson, age 8 now

    2005: You have a single baby girl
    (G) Melody Anya Hudson, age 7 now

    2006: You have a single baby boy
    (B) Leo Mercer Hudson, age 6 now

    2007: A friend or family member dies suddenly, leaving their children under the guardianship of you and DH.*How*many children, their names, ages, and genders are all up to you.
    (B) Toby Samuel, age 9 now

    2008: You or one of your kids have a small role in a movie or TV show. What movie/show and what is your role?
    Melody plays a child that is babysat by Alex on Wizards of Waverly Place.

    2009: You have triplet girls
    (G) Lydia Violet Hudson, (G) Sora Madeline Hudson, and (G) Lila Ottoline Hudson, age 3 now

    2010: A relative passes away and leaves his/her house to you or DH. What does the house look like? Where is it?
    It's a large vacation home in Cape Cod, we decide to spend a month in summer there every year.

    2011: You have a single baby girl
    (G) Bay Rebekah Hudson, age 1

    2012: You have a single baby girl
    (G) Rosalie Hanna Hudson, age 4 months

    Nick + Celina=
    Maia, Aria, Elena, Blake, Finn, Melody, Leo, Toby, Lydia, Sora, Lila, Bay, and Rosie.
    And Calla the cat
    Future Little Ones
    Lydia Violet, Rosalie Elsa, Cora Penelope, Amelia Isobel
    Finn Matthew, Henry Johnston, Troy Oliver, Archer Bryce

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    Maycomb County, Alabama
    Eloise Renee and William Isaac Reynolds - Married at 20 in 2012.

    2013 - Eloise opens a vintage clothing store with her two best friends Jenna and Claire, called Rags to Riches.

    2014 - Eloise and Will are vacationing in Ireland where they adopt a one-year-old baby boy named Eoin Blake.

    2015 - Eloise's best friend Jenna dies suddenly from a stroke. She wasn't married and didn't have any eligible family members so she must leave her two-year-old daughter, Rosie Elaine, to Eloise and Will.

    2016 - Eloise and Will open a retro bookstore called Windsor Terrace. The shoppe also serves coffee and every thursday evening they have a poetry reading.

    2017 - Eloise is a guest star on the Ellen Show. Her nifty book shoppe has gotten so much commotion, it has made her famous.

    2018 - Eloise is unexpectedly pregnant with a baby girl. Between their busy lifestyle it was very suprising. They name their beautiful daughter Gwendolyn (Gwen) Joy.

    2019 - The family adopts a male Scottish Fold cat from the Humane Society. They let the kids name him and they decide to each contribute to the name. In the end the kids settle on Batman (Eoin) Da-Da (Gwen) Cinderella (Rosie).

    2020 - They become pregnant with twin baby boys. They name the sweet little babies Henry Archer and Levi Beckett.

    2021 - Eloise and Will decide to open a restaurant, seeing as how their book shoppe and clothing store have flourished. They open a cool, hip restaurant that serves light and organic but delicious food. They name the restaurant Fusion Bistro.

    2022 - Eloise becomes pregnant, again! She has one adorable baby girl whom she names Delaney Amelia.

    2023 - Eloise gets a tattoo. It is a small angel on her right hip, in memory of her best friend Jenna.

    2025 - Eloise and Will go into business with Will's brother, Ben and they open a bar together. The bar is located in Atlanta, Georgia. It is called Yumi and is a japanese-style bar which has alot of American influence, since it is a bar. They serve the usual bar foods like wings and burgers but with slight japanese influence and the decor is stylish but still perfect for a bar. Yumi gets tons of business and it flourishes.

    2026 - Eloise and Will adopt an oriental baby boy. They name him Eamon Kai.

    2027 - The family adopts a male german shepard puppy. This time Eloise and Will do the naming with slight influence from the kids. They all agree on Ignatius Fritz.

    After the Fifteen Years:

    Eloise Renee Reynolds (35) -
    William Isaac Reynolds (35) -
    Eoin Blake Reynolds (14) -
    Rosie Elaine Reynolds (14) -
    Gwendolyn Joy Reynolds (9) -
    Henry Archer and Levi Beckett Reynolds (7) -
    Delaney Amelia Reynolds (5) -
    Eamon Kai Reynolds (2) -
    Batman Da-Da Cinderella Reynolds (9) -
    Ignatius Fritz Reynolds (1) -
    Lovely Ladies: Astrid. India. Jane. Ramona. Thisbe.
    Fine Fellows: Atticus. Eliot. Finley. Theodore. Tobias.

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    DH: [38] Thomas Henry Dawson
    DW: [37] Scarlet Isabel Dawson

    Married September 28, 2012.

    DD: [20, adopted] Sophia Madeleine Conway 'Sophie'
    DS: [17, adopted] Maxwell James Conway 'Max'
    DD: [16, adopted] Lucia Violet Dawson
    DD: [15, adopted] Nora Elizabeth Dawson
    DS/DS: [14] Marcus William Dawson / Oliver Gabriel Dawson
    DD: [13, adopted] Ivy Salome Dawson
    DS: [11, adopted] Julian Everett Conway 'Jude'
    DD/DD/DS: [8] Cecily Annabel Dawson / Rose Clementine Dawson 'Rosie' / Theo Sebastian Dawson
    DD: [6, adopted] Stella June Irving
    DS: [1] Arthur Hugo Dawson
    DD: [nb] Eloise Francesca Dawson

    Thomas and Scarlet with their children:
    Sophia, Maxwell, Lucia, Nora, Marcus, Oliver, Ivy, Julian, Cecily, Rose, Theo, Stella, Arthur, and Eloise.

    Dog: [13] Beau
    Dog: [4] Louis
    Cat: [6] Daphne

    2013: Birth of Marcus William & Oliver Gabriel.
    2014: Adopt a male Siberian Husky named Beau.
    2015: Family relocates to Berlin, Germany!
    2016: Thomas and Scarlet adopt two children: Ivy Salome, aged 2, & Lucia Violet, aged 5.
    2017: Another adoption! The family take in a young girl, Nora Elizabeth Dawson, aged 5.
    2018: Scarlet opens a clothing store with her two best friends, selling clothes for babies and kids under 12. The store is named Ivy Stork Botique.
    2019: Birth of Theo Sebastian, Rose Clementine Dawson, & Cecily Annabel Dawson.
    2020: Family relocates to the Midwest, settling down in Chicago, Illinois!
    2021: Thomas' cousin dies, leaving her three children, Sophia; 14, Maxwell; 11, and Julian; 5, under the care of Thomas and Scarlet.
    2022: Twins, Marcus and Oliver, have a small role in a movie that was filmed at their elementary school.
    2023: The family relocate to a bigger house in the American south. They settle down in Atlanta, Georgia.
    2024: Adopt an adult cat from the pound named Daphne, and a small puppy named Louis.
    2025: Scarlet's younger sister dies, leaving her daughter, Stella; 4, in the care of the Dawson family.
    2026: Birth of Arthur Hugo Dawson.
    2027: Birth of Eloise Francesca Dawson.

    Audrey | Harriet | Estelle | Nora | Imogen | Edith | Cordelia | Bryony
    Lincoln | Eli | Ambrose | Wesley | Harvey | Theo | Calvin | Ezra | Dashiell

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