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    Aug 2013
    Danville, Tri-State Area
    DH: Marcel
    Age when married: 26
    DW: Abby
    Age when married: 25
    Date of marriage: June 14th, 2024

    2025: pregnant!
    DD/DD/DS: Adalyn Faith, Lila Seville, and Carter James
    DOB: April 16th, 2025

    2026: life event: 2, 4
    Unexpected pregnancy! DD: Brooklyn Ruth
    DOB: September 1st, 2026

    2027: life event: 1, 5
    Open a clothing store with my BFFs Lauren and Ashley called Ninja Clothing Store. We sell label clothes at a lower price.

    2028: pregnant!
    DS: Nolan Christopher
    DOB: August 27th, 2028

    2029: life event: 3, 2
    We go on vacation to Ireland and adopt a three-year-old girl! DD: Eilidh Maeve
    DOB: January 4th, 2026

    2030: life event: 2, 2
    Family moves to Myrtle Beach, South Caroline

    2031: pregnant!
    DS/DS: Ryder Matthew and Torin Hunter
    DOB: June 8th, 2031

    2032: pregnant!
    DD: Avery Laurel
    DOB: October 18th, 2032

    2033: life event: 4, 6
    My DH and I find some money. We put it into the kids' college funds.

    2034: life event: 6, 4
    We adopt a three-year-old boy and a one-year-old girl. DS: Kieran Robert. DD: Ryan Emmeline
    DS's DOB: November 1st, 2031
    DD's DOB: May 13th, 2033

    2035: pregnant!
    DS/DS/DD: Collin Gregory, Ronan Oliver, and Britton Grace
    DOB: January 17th, 2035

    2036: life event: 4, 4
    We move to Long Island, New York!

    2037: pregnant!
    DD/DD: Jess Elizabeth and Jade Eleanor
    DOB: December 29th, 3037

    2038: life event: 2, 4
    Unexpected pregnancy! DD: Cadence Adelaide
    DOB: April 2nd, 2038

    2039: life event: 6, 6
    I inherit a house from a deceased family member! It's a big house in Palmetto Beach, FL.

    2040: pregnant!
    DD/DD: Eliot Sophie and Piper Marilyn
    DOB: February 20th, 2040

    DH: Marcel (42)
    DW: Abby (41)
    DD/DD/DS: Adalyn, Lila, and Carter (15)
    DD: Brooklyn (14)
    DAD: Eilidh (13)
    DS: Nolan (12)
    DS/DS: Ryder and Torin (9)
    DAS: Kieran (9)
    DD: Avery (8)
    DAD: Ryan (7)
    DS/DS/DD: Collin, Ronan, and Britton (5)
    DD/DD: Jess and Jade (3)
    DD: Cadence (2)
    DD/DD: Eliot and Piper (nb)
    You can call me Abby
    Competitive dancer, aspiring writer, high school sophomore,
    and, most importantly, name obsessed

    ♕Dancing Queens♕
    Lila Persephone|Violet Evangeline|Maeve Ottilie
    Iris Magdalen|Eden Lavinia


    ♔Soccer Gents♔
    Leo Sebastian|Jasper Elias|Archer Murray
    August Laurence|Nolan Shepherd


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    Love this game, but I know that if I get to choose to conceive every year, I will, so to make it more interesting I rolled before each year. If I got an odd I conceived but if I got an even I got a life event.

    In 2028, Elizabeth Dale Dittmer married Theodore Peter James at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Melbourne Florida, and honeymooned on Rome, Italy. Elizabeth was 28, and Theo was 30.

    2029 - Twin Boys! Augustine Hayes James and Emerson Ray James

    2030 - I got a tattoo. My tattoo is a tiny little line on my shoulder that looks like a birthmark or a scar. (I hate tattoos and needles)

    2031 - Its a girl! Rosalie Grace James

    2032 - Twin Boys! Everett Matthew James and Beckett Sullivan James

    2033 - Unexpectedly pregnant with twin girls! Hazel May James and Erina Livianne James

    2034 - Rich Aunt Jane passes away and leaves us her huge house on the beach in Florida. It has 15 bedrooms and 18.5 bathrooms. To honor her, we conceive another child, hoping for a girl. Its a girl! Mallory Jane James is welcomed to the family.

    2035 - Its a girl! Kinley Ann James

    2036 - My family goes on vacation to India to bring back our three year old adopted son named Flynn Connor.

    2037 - Triplet girls! Lia Elizabeth James , Mara Eleanor James , Lennon Marina James

    2038 - Twin boys! Tobias Elliot James and Carter Allen James

    2039 - Twin girls! Mackenzie Erin and Melanie Christine

    2040 - We become unexpectedly pregnant with Quints! 2 boys and 3 girls! Eden Margo James, Oliver Henry James, Logan Cade James, Maia Louise James, Clementine Marie James

    2041 - Twin boys! Barrett Lane James and Zed Christopher James

    2042 - Its a girl! Emma Danielle James

    2043 - Twin girls! Ellie Laura James and Adele Morgan James

    After fifteen long years, here's our family:

    Theodore Peter James (45)
    Elizabeth Dale James (43)
    Augustine Hayes James (14)
    Emerson Ray James (14)
    Rosalie Grace James (12)
    Everett Matthew James (11)
    Beckett Sullivan James (11)
    Hazel May James (10)
    Erina Livianne James (10)
    Adopted - Flynn Connor (10)
    Mallory Jane James (9)
    Kinley Ann James (8)
    Lia Elizabeth James (6)
    Mara Eleanor James (6)
    Lennon Marina James (6)
    Tobias Elliot James (5)
    Carter Allen James (5)
    Mackenzie Erin James (4)
    Melanie Christine James (4)
    Eden Margo James (3)
    Oliver Henry James (3)
    Logan Cade James (3)
    Maia Louise James (3)
    Clementine Marie James (3)
    Barrett Lane James (2)
    Zed Christopher James (2)
    Emma Danielle James (1)
    Ellie Laura James (NB)
    Adele Morgan James (NB)

    All 31 of us are doing great since Aunt Jane gave us that huge house. Phew thats a lot of kids. We have to ride around in a bus that we purchased to get anywhere. Everyone has 2 sports (2 practices and 1 game per week, per sport) and 1 music lesson. It helps having some of them on the same sports team. Also, the bus stop is right by our house, so the only ones that I have to take are the preschoolers and the daycare kids. Augustine and Emerson are in the 8th grade in middle school. Rosalie is in 6th grade. Everett and Beckett are in 5th grade. Hazel, Erina, and our adopted son Flynn are in 4th grade. Mallory is in 4th grade. Kinley is in 3rd grade. Lia, Mara, and Lennon are in 1st grade. Tobias and Carter are in kindergarden. The preschoolers are Mackenzie, Melanie, Eden, Oliver, Carter, Maia, and Clementine. Since I'm off work right now with the Newborns Ellie and Adele, I keep Barrett, Zed, and Emma with me also during the day instead of daycare.

    As the kids develop, some nicknames seem to evolve. Augustine likes to be called Gus. Rosalie likes to be called Rosie. Beckett likes to be called Beck. Tobias likes to be called Toby. Mackenzie likes to be called Mack. Melanie likes to be called Mel. Clementine likes to be called Clem.

    I love this game please make more games!!!!!!!!!!

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    ElisabethLizzieSerafina (25) & Brody Scott (26) marry in 2013.

    1 adopt a kitty! she is fluffy and orange. Lizzie names her Pizza.
    2 twins are born! a boy and a girl.
    Forrest Jasper Beau
    Ruby Tabitha Willow
    3 the family moves to Los Angeles where Brody is a music teacher & Lizzie is a writer.
    4 open a sandwich shop called 'Wiches Brew.
    5 decide to adopt a baby boy from El Salvador.
    Huxley Jameson Wolf
    6 Brody gets a promotion; he is hired to play in Gary Clark Jr.’s band! they do a small tour around California but mainly Brody gets to stay home in LA with the family.
    7 a new baby boy is born!
    Darrow Heathcliff Curtis
    8 surprise! Lizzie is unexpectedly preggers; a baby girl is born.
    Leonie Autumn Eloise
    9 the family comes into some money; they take a year off to spend time with the littles and visit family. Lizze & Brody host a family reunion in LA and take all the kids to Disney Land.
    10 they decide to relocate to the American South where Brody can continue to play in the local music scene & Lizzie can get back to writing after focusing on the restaurant & kids; they settle in Louisville, Kentucky.
    11 Lizzie gets a tattoo of flowers on her left shoulder, the monthly flower of each child’s birthday; 2 daffodils for March (Forrest & Ruby), an aster for September (Huxley), a white rose for June (Darrow), & a calendula for October (Leonie).
    12 buy a new house; a red brick mansion in Old Louisville.
    13 they have triplets! two girls & one boy.
    Meadow Susannah Belle
    Tallulah Scarlett Sienna
    Soren Julius Frost
    14 Lizzie & Brody decide to go into business with Brody's brother and open a live music bar called Puzzles.
    15 Lizzie opens a vintage clothing store with best friends Caitlin & Marielle. they call the shop Golightly’s, after Holly Golightly.

    in 2028, Lizzie & Brody have:
    Forrest (13), Ruby (13), Huxley (10), Darrow (8), Leonie (7), Meadow (2), Tallulah (2), & Soren (2)
    a cat named Pizza
    two businesses; a bar and a clothing boutique.

    all live in Louisville in a beautiful home and are planning their next family vacation to South America, where they'll learn about little Huxley's heritage.
    the end!

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    Connor Robert Faulds
    Grace Hillary Faulds

    2015 The couple honeymoon in Hawaii, when they return home the discover they're having a baby! Kian Nelson Faulds is born on December 5th.

    2016 For his 1st birthday Kian gets a Scottish ford cat named Kip.

    Grace and her two best friends Angela and Lauren open a clothing shop. They mainly sell slogan t-shirts and mobile phone cases.

    2018 Wanting Kian to having siblings they decide to try for another baby. They go to a baby scan and see three
    hearts beating! Nine months later, Charles Oliver, Carter Jones and Calvin James are born on August 11th.

    2019 With their family growing, Connor and Grace decide to move to Vancouver, Canada. Its a five bedroom house with an attic and basement.

    2020 Even though the triplets are only 2, Grace really wants a baby girl. However, they have another son on June 25th, Joel Nathaniel.

    2021 The family adopt a female cat called Dixie.

    2022 Connor's cousin Beth dies and leaves her three children to him, they are three boys. Kenny Dylan 9, Kole Gregory 6 and Kevin Forrest 4.

    2023 Still desperate for a girl, the couple decide to try one more time for a girl. All their trying pays off as they have triplet girls! Heidi Elizabeth, Bethany Grace and Imogen Louise are born on March 27th.

    Grace opens a bookstore called Kittens.

    The family adopt a cat and a dog. Both boys, the dogs called Jiggy and the cats called Tiggy.

    After deciding not to have anymore children, Grace becomes unexpectedly pregnant. Cameron Grey was born on May 7th.

    Grace becomes unexpectedly pregnant AGAIN with another boy. On October 9th Thomas Daniel is born.

    With a mammoth family, they all move to Massachusetts to a seven bedroom house with and attic.

    Think their baby making days are over Grace and Connor relax... Little did they know that nine months later on April 1st Blair Rose and Grier May join the family!

    2030 They adopt a male husky called Cloudy.

    * The Faulds family*

    Connor Robert 40
    Grace Hillary 38

    Kenny Dylan 17 [Adopted]
    Kian Nelson 15
    Kole Gregory 14 [Adopted]
    Charles Oliver 12 'Charlie'
    Carter Jones 12
    Carson James 12
    Kevin Forrest 12 [Adopted]
    Joel Nathaniel 10
    Heidi Elizabeth 7
    Bethany Grace 7 'Beth'
    Imogen Louise 7 'Gen'
    Cameron Grey 4 'Cam'
    Thomas Daniel 3 'Tom'
    Blair Rose 1
    Grier May 1

    Kip- 14 RIP
    Dixie- 9
    Tiggy- 5
    Jiggy- 5
    Cloudy- 6 mon.

    Bedroom 1- Connor and Grace

    Attic- Kenny and Kian
    Bedroom 2- Kole and Charlie
    Bedroom 3- Carter and Carson
    Bedroom 4- Kevin and Joel
    Bedroom 5- Heidi, Beth and Gen
    Bedroom 6- Cam and Tom
    Bedroom 7- Blair and Grier
    Heidi Noelle ~ Blair Belle ~ Carter Marie // Charles Reid ~ Thomas Nathaniel ~ Joel Andrew

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    DH: Adam Henry Arden [41]
    DW: Lily Claire Abbott [40]

    Wedding Day: August 4, 2014

    [3, 6] Adam's favourite cousin John died and left his three kids to Lily and Adam. Their names are Maisy Kathleen, Jade Michelle and Graham Nicholas and they are 9, 4 and 3.

    [3, 4] Once the kids are settled in, Adam, Lily and the kids move to Chicago, Illinois for a fresh start. [Link]

    [7] After trying for a little bit, Lily becomes pregnant with triplets. Their names are Shelby Jessica, Giselle Caroline and Cormac Michael.

    [4, 6] After the sudden death of Adam's father, Michael James Arden, we inherit 300,000 dollars. It goes into the kids' college savings accounts.

    [1, 6] Unexpectedly, Lily becomes pregnant with a baby boy. His name is Seth Matthew.

    [6] After a night of debauchery, Lily and Adam find out they're expecting triplets - again! Two boys and a girl this time, their names are Haley Grace, Benjamin Chester and Nathan Tyler.

    [6, 2] Lily and Adam adopt a Scottish Fold Cat named Bear. [Link]

    [3] Lily and Adam find out they're having a baby girl. Her name is Sadie Lisette.

    [2, 5] Adam gets into a near fatal car crash. My sister Paige moves in to help with the kids and he makes a slow but complete and successful recovery.

    [1, 2] Adam makes a career change and opens up his own architecture firm.

    [10] Lily and Adam have a pair of twins unexpectedly. Their names are Finley Shane and Ariana Josephine.

    [3, 3] Lily and Adam open a bookstore entitled "Pages".

    [4, 1] Lily and Adam adopt one of Haley's friends whose parents were incarcerated. Her name is Lorelai Hannah.

    [5, 4] Lily and Adam relocate to Worcester, UK in order to be closer to Lily's parents. [Link]

    [5, 1] Lily and Adam adopt a dog and a cat. The dog is a pitbull cross named Grin and the cat is a tabby named Barrett.

    Our Family:
    Maisy - 24
    Jade - 19
    Graham - 18
    Shelby, Giselle and Cormac - 13
    Seth - 10
    Haley, Ben and Nate - 9
    Lorelai - 9
    Sadie - 7
    Finn and Ariana - 5

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