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    DW: Mara Elizabeth
    DH: James Henry

    Year One: A friend or family member dies suddenly, leaving their children under the guardianship of you and DH. A four year old girl, Mia Juliet & a three year old boy, Nolan Peter

    Year Two: You become unexpectedly pregnant! A baby girl. Kate Elizabeth

    Year Three: You become unexpectedly pregnant! Another girl. Ruby Josephine

    Year Four: Your family adopts a female Birman cat called Jade

    Year Five: You become unexpectedly pregnant! A boy, Archer Jude

    Year Six: You and DH adopt a baby boy. Samuel Reid

    Year Seven: You are unexpectedly pregnant with a baby girl! Eloise Violet

    Year Eight: You and DH move your family into a new house.

    Year Nine: Your family relocates to a New England state. Providence, RI

    Year Ten: You have triplet boys: Leo Maxen, Finn Michael & Oliver Matthew

    Year Eleven: You and DH open a restaurant.

    Year Twelve: You have triplet girls: Cora Sophia, Eva Marie, & Alice Emmeline

    Year Thirteen: You become unexpectedly pregnant with a baby boy! Luke Miller

    Year Fourteen: You and DH take in a young girl. Anna Paige, 7

    Year Fifteen: Rose Madeline & Felicity May
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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    2013: Sophie & Nolan open a bar in Hoboken, NJ with Nolan's older brother, Preston Evan Jones. They call it Jones Bar & Grill.
    2014: After months of trying, Sophie finds out she is pregnant! 9 months later, she gives birth to a healthy baby boy with long blue hair and bright blue eyes. His name is Dexter Thaddeus Jones, or Dex for short.
    2015: Once Dex is just a year old, Sophie unexpectedly becomes pregnant! The baby is born prematurely but is healthy. It's a little brother for Dex; his name is Lincoln Oliver Jones or Link for short.
    2016: Unfortunately, tragedy strikes. Nolan's favorite cousin lost his battle to cancer. It breaks Nolan's heart that his newborn triplet sons will never even get to know their father. Sophie and Nolan decides to take them in. They are only a few months old and their names are: Harrison River Jones, Jefferson Sage Jones, & Anderson Tate Jones.
    2017: Even though the house is full with 5 young boys, Dex (3 years old), Link (2 years old), and the triplets, Harry, Jeff, and Andy (1 year old), Sophie still wants to have a baby girl! After months of trying, Sophie finds out she is pregnant! She gives birth 9 months later to twins! One boy and one girl Their names are Spencer Austin Jones and Juliet Daphne Jones.
    2018: The Jones vacationed to where Sophie's ancestors lived - Ireland! Sophie falls in love with a curly, ginger haired three year old named Saoirse Hope. She decides she can't live without Saoirse and she is immediately adopted into the family.
    2019: Once back in New Jersey, Sophie opens a book store called Sophie's Bookstore.
    2020: Sophie & Nolan are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and relocate with their 8 children to a quite town in France.
    2021: Sophie unexpectedly is pregnant! Nine months later, she gives birth to a girl. They name her Emmeline Felicity Jones.
    2022: Sophie is pregnant again - though this time it was planned. She gives birth to a healthy baby girl named Alice Penelope Jones.
    2023: The Jones move to where Nolan was born and raised - Canada!
    2024: Nolan gets a new job as the CEO of a big company.
    2025: Sophie & Nolan gave into Emmy and Alice's begging and bought a Birman cat! They name her Princess.
    2026: Sophie is unexpectedly pregnant -- again! This time, labor doesn't go as smoothly. Their are many complications and she is forced to have a C-Section. She hads quads, 2 boys and 2 girls - Elodie Belle Jones, Nicola Allison Jones, Felix Dean Jones, & Maxwell Joseph Jones.
    2027: The Jones adopt a boyfriend for Princess - a Scottish Fold cat named Prince.
    2028: Sophie & Nolan open a 5 star restaurant called Pepper's. It's a huge hit and becomes very successful and popular.

    The Jones Family:
    DW: [45] Sophie Lena Jones
    DH: [48] Nolan Callum Jones

    DS: [14] Dexter Thaddeus Jones
    DS: [13] Lincoln Oliver Jones
    DD: [13] Saoirse Hope Jones {Adopted from Ireland}
    DS: [12] Harrison River Jones
    DS: [12] Jefferson Sage Jones
    DS: [12] Anderson Tate Jones {Him & above 2 are adopted from Nolan's deceased cousin}
    DS: [11] Spencer Austin Jones
    DS: [11] Juliet Daphne Jones
    DD: [8] Emmeline Felicity Jones
    DD: [7] Alice Penelope Jones
    DD: [3] Elodie Belle Jones
    DD: [3] Nicola Allison Jones
    DS: [3] Felix Dean Jones
    DS: [3] Maxwell Joseph Jones

    Sophie & Nolan - Dex, Link, Saoirse, Harry, Jeff, Andy, Spencer, Juliet, Emmy, Alice, Elodie, Nicola, Felix, Max, & their 2 cats - Prince & Princess :3
    A 17 year old girl with a penchant for names (◡‿◡✿)
    Current Favorites [changes frequently]:
    ♀: Sylvie, Lux, Romy, Ottilie, Maisie, Pearl
    ♂: Leo, Atlas, Ezra, Archer, Beau, Flynn

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    DH: Ethan Colton Drew
    ME: Chelsea Elizabeth Drew

    {2013} Me and Ethan adopt a Cat named Fox.

    {2014} Ethan's cousin Trisha dies and leave us her 3 kids. Lewis Ethan 5, Clara Belle 5 and Mollie Susie 2

    {2015} We decide to move to a bigger house now we have kids. It's in Glasgow and a 5 bedroom.

    {2016} I open a children bookstore called In the Jungle.

    {2017} We adopt a cat and a dog. Jelly and Juice

    {2018} Me and Ethan think its time to have a baby after 1 month of trying. I'm pregnant with twin boys. Samuel Levi and Daniel James Drew

    {2019} Me and Ethan go into business with his brother in law Henry. We open a bar 10 miles from my home and it's a sucess.

    {2020} I unexpectedly fall pregnant with a single baby boy. Lucas John Drew

    {2021} I unexpectedly fall pregnant with a single baby girl. Emily Willow Drew

    {2022} Lewis stars in and advert for Cat food.

    {2023} We take in a little girl called Chloe Rachel 4

    {2024} Having 5 kids in six years we need a bigger house so we upgrade to a 7 bedroom.

    {2025} I open a clothes shop with 2 of my friends. It's called Crimson Feather.

    {2026} I get a tattoo with my hand on it and LE CB MS SL DJ LJ EW CR in the hand all scrambled.

    {2027} I have triplets 2 girls and a boy. Lily Louise, Charlotte Sarah and Scott Adam Drew.

    DH: Ethan Colton Drew
    ME: Chelsea Elizabeth Drew

    DN: Lewis Ethan Drew 18
    DN: Clara Belle Drew 18
    DN: Mollie Susie Drew 15
    DS: Samuel Levi Drew 9
    DS: Daniel James Drew 9
    DD: Chloe Rachel Drew 7
    DS: Lucas John Drew 7
    DD: Emily Willow Drew 6
    DD: Lily Louise Drew NB
    DD: Charlotte Sarah Drew NB
    DS: Scott Adam Drew NB

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    Beatrice June and Matthew James
    Married July 27, 2020
    On December 1, 2020 three triplet boys are born.
    Michael Scott- Loves sports and video games
    Sparrow Elizabeth-Loves to act and paint. Has bright green eyes and brown hair.
    Stephen Edward- plays the saxophone.
    2021: We adopted a baby girl named Lucy Arabella on February 10, 2021.
    2022: We have triplet girls! They are born on April 3, 2022.
    Holly Joy- A very feminine young lady with soft brown curls.
    Alice Rene- Incredibly smart young lady. Diagnosed with Synesthesia. Has blonde hair and blue eyes.
    Maeve Eliza- Has soft brown curls and dimples. Loves to read.
    2023: We open a bookstore called Celestial Books.
    2024: We adopt a german shepherd puppy named Dex. Stephen starts to play saxophone and is an automatic success.
    2025: I start to write a book and after 3 months of finishing, it becomes a bestseller.
    2026: We have twin boys named Lucian and Lasander. Lionsgate Co. takes interest in the novel and decides to make a movie out of it.
    2027: We are unexpectedly pregnant with another girl. Her name is Rowan Jane. this same year, Sparrow gets cast as one of the main film roles: the antagonists daughter.
    2028: I open a clothing store named Sprinkles.
    2029: Our family relocated to Los Angeles due to the film's success.
    2030: We have a single son, Atticus John who becomes a violinist.
    2031: My DH gets a promotion as the head of marketing of a prominent real estate company. Broadway in NYC takes an interest in Stephen's music.
    2032: We have triplet girls to make a total of 14 kids.
    Sierra Georgia- an art prodigy
    Luna Lisette- amazing piano player
    Adelaide Cleo- loves to act and sing.
    2033: We adopt a male scottish fold named Oscar
    2034: I get another tattoo. This time a series of 3 birds on my shoulder blade.
    2035: We settle into a custom built multi-million dollar mansion on the sunny hills of LA. there are 72 different rooms, including 3 swimming pools and ten kitchens.

    In the future, Sparrow preforms on Broadway and becomes a movie director.
    Michael gets signed to the New York Giants as a quarterback and wins a Super Bowl.
    Stephen preforms saxophone all across the world with concerts.
    Lucy takes up writing like her mother and writes a bestselling novel for children.
    Holly goes to Juliard for dance and dances on broadway.
    Alice takes a mysterious job at Area 51. she has 6 kids.
    Maeve makes scientific all breakthroughs with cancer treatment.
    Sierra starts a large nonprofit art club in NYC to help kids in need.
    Luna starts a clothing line called "Light" she is among world renowned fashion designers such as Gucci.
    Adelaide sings and dances on broadway.
    They all have families.
    teen berry
    excuse my username

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    Ohio USA
    DH: Barry Richard
    DW: Teresa Dene

    Married May 31, 2003

    2004: We open a bookstore named Reading Rendezvous

    2005: Jacob Benjamin is born

    2006: We're surprised by the birth of Alex Matthew.

    2007: We inherit some money unexpectedly, and use it to buy a house.

    2008: We welcome triplets: Christian David, Colton Hunter and Crystal Marie

    2009: We adopt a German shepherd puppy, and name him Hans.

    2010: It's triplets again, this time all girls: Faith Anne, Grace Beatrice, and Hope Clarisse.

    2011: We add a Birman cat to the family. Her name is Jewel.

    2012: Two more boys join the household: Wyatt Adam and Thomas Andrew

    2013: We pack up and move to Salem, Massachusetts.

    2014: Another set of male twins: Graham Sawyer and Gregory Samson

    2015: We adopt another dog, a Siberian Husky named Yoshi

    2016: Triplet girls again! Deborah Elizabeth, Delilah Jane and Danica Abigail

    2017: Time for another move, this time to Fairborn, Ohio.

    2018: Three more children are born: Victoria Kaye, Virginia Michelle, and Victor Lawrence

    Barry and Teresa
    Jake, Alex, Chris, Colt, Crystal, Faith, Grace, Hope, Wyatt, Tom, Graham, Greg, Deb, Lilah, Dani, Viki, Ginny, and Vic

    Pets: Hans, Jewel and Yoshi

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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