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    Completely Ridiculous Game (First 3 Letters)

    This is a sort-of game that my siblings and I play (we're all very interested in names, even the boys!). Here's how it works: Take your favourite combos and use only the first 3 letters of each name (first, middle) and smoosh them together to make a brand-new name (sometimes they don't make much sense).
    Ex: Saoirse Foxglove --> Saofox
    Then take the remaining letters and smoosh them all together too.
    Ex: Saoirse Foxglove --> Irseglove

    Sometimes you can actually get some cool-sounding ones, and even if you don't, it's fun to try to pronounce the weird things you get!
    Note: it works best with one first name and one middle name, so if you like to use 2 middle names (like me) you may want to take one of the names out to do this game.
    Sparrow Jedediah, 21, he/him pronouns

    Saoirse Foxglove Adair : Edith Fenella Roisín : Aviva Madeleif Eimear : Beatrice Morwenna Yael : Saskia Ruby Françoise : Irene Sophronia Maebh : Moira Fielding Yvaine : Atalanta Briallen Tove : Thea Persephone Rue
    Atlas Dodge Erickson : Dashiell Angus Fitzwilliam : Byron Havelock Rivers : Vincent Horatio Bear : Lionel Sutton Barnaby : Dorian Iver Oswald : Hollis Arthyen Tadhg : Oscar Joyce Rafferty : Noel Peregrine Wilder
    full list

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    Penelope June= Penjun and Elopee

    Porter Lawson= Porlaw and Terson

    Caroline May= Carmay and Oline?

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    Sarah Ann - Sarann & Rahann

    Savannah Gabriella - Savgab & Nahlla

    Dayna Rebekah -- Dayreb & Ynakah & Daykah

    One more...

    Hannah Joe - Hanjoe & Nahjoe

    I love this omg
    My name is Sarah Ann.
    I am 18 years old.

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    West Midlands, UK
    Tobias Henry - Tobhen // Iasry
    Rose Eleanor - Rosele // Eanor

    Iasry looks really interesting, I wonder how you would pronounce it? eye-AYS-ree perhaps?
    None of the others float my boat to be honest.
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    Solomon Thor -> Soltho and Omonr
    Lux Evangeline -> Luxeva and Ngeline
    Rockwell Jack -> Rocjac and Kwellk
    Vada Margaret -> Vadmar and Agaret
    Barrett Milo -> Barmil and Retto
    Phoebe Joanne -> Phojoa and Ebenne
    Grayer Matthew -> Gramat and Yerthew
    Isabeau Mary -> Isamar and Beauy
    Judson Jeffrey -> Judjef and Sonfrey
    Bay Ramona -> Bayram and Ona
    Ansel Grayer, Bodhi Coven *Bo*, Elliot Denali *Leo*, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Rafferty, Foster Emmons, Jedidiah Loyal *Jedi*, Jethro Merrick, Julian Everest, Koa Leeu, Otter Pacey, Seaton Milo, Serephin Matteo *Finn*, Shepherd Kellan, Theodore Viggo *Thor*
    Avia Linden Soleil, Caitrin Meadow, Callie Rue Eliza, Esme Regina Poet, Farley Jasmine, Gaia Winter Maren, Hazel Bliss, Kendra Hollow, Linnea Echo, Oona Maple, Phoebe Calla, Rosalind Vale *Lindy*, Rowena Fate *Rowen*, Sage Mirabai, Scout Amelia

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