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Thread: Breeze Beretta?

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    I like Breeze on a boy
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    I hate it with a deep passion.

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    Well, with a half brother named Tripp, Breeze "fits" right in! Beretta happens to be Levi Johnston's favourite gun. Ah, how sweet? Should we expect anything more from a 22-year-old guy who now has two children from two different women?
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    Breeze I like. Beretta is kind of like the feminine form of Danger. Or Beret... ha ha.

    I think Beretta is a bit obvious. They could have gone for something more subtle like Marlin, Beryl, Lewis, Étienne, Colt, Thompson, Sterling, Jericho, Remington, Winchester, Barrett, Astra or Harris. There are far better options for anyone into ballistics.
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    I have to admit, I like Breeze more and more. I also agree with almost all poster that Beretta is not working here for various reasons.

    I too like Remington, so it isn't that I oppose anything that also be a gun name. I think it is too cute alliteration, and more subtle reference to guns -- if you want to go there -- might have gone over better.

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