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    Randomness Questionnaire for Fun

    I'm bored and I honestly want to see how this thread turns out so here's the deal:
    Just answer the questions or fill in the blanks! Of course, it has to do with names. This was made solely and completely for fun and those who feel like having some!

    1. CAF with an N name, and H name and an I name.

    2. Favourite name from literature.

    3. One completely unisex name with a second middle (e.g. Ridley Taylor Robin).

    4. Create a name, fn must be 8 letters, mn must be 5 letters.

    5. CAF using names from the previous poster's signature!


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    1. DW: Nadine Elysia Cabrera
    DH: Horatio James Cabrera
    DS: Isaac Juan Cabrera

    2. Dimity

    3. Hadley Kendall Harlowe

    4. Adrianna Grace

    5. (Just took names from NSRN because signature isn't there.)
    DW: Gabriela Harper Van
    DH: Julius Elizar Van
    -DS: Aiden Vincent Van
    -DD: Alexia Empress Van
    -DD: Alice Samarie Van
    Novelist, self proclaimed name enthusiast, and lover of both common and uncommon names.

    CURRENT FAVES (change very often).

    Queens: Zipporah, Hadley, Thomasina, Umbria, Mae, Johanna, Valencia, Roisin, Siobhan, Elysia

    Kings: Carlisle, Braxton, James, Uriah, Tobias, Obadiah, Joseph, Lukas, Osias, Doone, Edmond, Delbert, Ezekiel, Sampson

    My Namelist:

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