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    Ways to combine/use Antoinette and Mildred?

    I am due with a girl (our first) in January and am trying to think of a way to use my two grandmother's names. I don't really like the name Mildred, but I'd like to find some way to maybe use parts of it or combine it with Antoinette in some way. One thought is Emilia Antoinette, but I have a more distant relative who used Emilia (with that spelling) and I fear people might think I'm copying them (I'm not- I thought of using it years ago, but I'm afraid of what people will think). Any creative thoughts or ideas?? Thanks in advance!

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    I'm afraid I can't help much, but I'm in the same boat on Mildred. It's DH's grandmother's name, and while I'd love to honor her, I can't quite wrap my head around Mildred. If considered Millicent and calling her Millie, but for you Millicent Antoinette is a bit of a mouthful. Good luck!

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    Using part of Mildred-
    Using a name with the same meaning-
    Combining Mildred and Antoinette-
    Milana- meaning favored (I love this one!)

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    Antoinette and Mildred, hmm... the "Mil" part of Mildred is obviously most usable, along with the "An" part of Antoinette. I would use Millie or Mila for Mildred and Anne or Anna for Antoinette. Maybe even Etta?
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    Camilla Anne?
    Romilly Anna?
    I like the suggestion of Milana to sort of combine both the names. You could use Amelia nn Millie as a nod to both the names but it's a bit of a stretch and may be a bit close to the name used by your cousin.

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