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    Cool Poll: Which is cooler, Raphael or Raffaello?

    Pronounced Ra-fye-el and Ra-fye-el-o. Raffaello Sanzio was the real, original Italian name of the famous Renaissance artist.
    Nicknames could be Raphy/Raph or Raffy/Raff... or Yello
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    I do actually prefer Rafael but of the two spellings you have listed I have to go with Raphael, it looks strong and masculine.

    While there is nothing wrong with Raphaello I think people could end up confusing Raphaella just because it has the 'ello' sound which some may assume girly.

    Raphael is great, as if Rafael.
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    I love Raphael, with the nickname Ralph {RAYF}. So cute
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    I'm in the minority. I picked Raffaello, but I love all three: Raphael, Rafael, and Raffaello. As for Raffaello, I think it's one of the few strong and beautiful Italian names not taking up by family members.
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    I love Raphael! Especially spelt Rafael -because of Rafael Nadal -

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