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    1) If your favourite music artist is a female solo, you have a girl, FN & MN from
    Alice Josephine

    2) If you have an iPhone, you have a boy, FN & MN from
    Theo Cager

    3) If you have a strong political standpoint, you have a girl, FN & MN from
    Una Niamh

    4) If your bedroom walls are white or cream, you have boy/boy twins, FNs & MNs from
    Levi Abraham and Enoch Thaddeus

    5) If just your fingernails are painted, you have a girl, FN & MN from
    Bronwyn Asia

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    Favourite boys - Asa, August, Cassius, Dexter, Ezra, Hector, Max, Nathaniel, Roman, Winston

    Favourite girls - Beatrice, Cecilia, Cora, Ivy, Marnie, Matilda, Nell, Pearl, Rosa, Thisbe

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    If your favourite music artist is a band, you have boy/girl twins, FNs & MNs from

    India Juliet and Tobias Gideon

    If you have another kind of smartphone, you have a boy, FN & MN from

    Cormac Orlando

    If you don't really take sides in politics/have no interest in politics, you have the gender of your choice- girl, FN & MN from

    Robin Rosamund

    If your bedroom walls are blue or pink, you have girl/girl twins, FNs & MNs from

    Esme Scarlett and Cosette Amaryllis

    If neither your fingernails nor your toenails are painted, you have a boy, FN & MN from

    Christopher David

    Indy, Toby, Mac, Bobbi, Essie, Coco and Kit
    Girls: June Rosalie, Clio Genevieve, Mabel Juliet, Greer Vivienne, Iris Lucia, Margot Laura, Sylvie Maeve, Ingrid Scarlett, Florence Pearl, Lara Josephine

    Boys: Christopher David 'Kit', Maxwell Jude 'Max', Edward Stephen 'Teddy', Rex Kingston, Frederick Oscar 'Freddie', Gilbert Leo 'Gil', Gideon Felix, Hugo James, Tristan Josiah, Ivan George.

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    Yorkshire, UK
    1. b/g twins: Tobias Rafferty & Eliza Lavender
    2. girl: Addie Kay
    3. boy: Flynn Malachy
    4. b/b twins: Phineas Clement & Isaac Linus
    5. girl: Calliope Fifer

    Toby, Liza, Dee, Flynn, Finn, Zach & Callie

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