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    Nov 2012
    Charlotte, NC
    Your name: Harper Elizabeth
    Partner's name: Miles John

    Birth #1: Brynna Tierney

    Birth #2: Palma Avalon & Kingston Cryprus

    Birth #3: Gemma Peridot

    Birth #4: Collin Embry

    Birth #5: Calliope Virginia & Eloise Marigold

    Birth #6: Agnes Phoebe & Edith Josephine

    Brynn, Palma, King, Gemma, Collin, Callie, Ellie, Aggie, & Edy
    // Mary Kathryn / 19 / Nursing Major / Captivated by Names //

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    Asher-Casper-Frederick-Hector-Joshua-Lucian-Lyon-Oscar-Sebastian-Theodore please vote and tell me what you think - would love some honest opinions!

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    Ft. Myers
    DW: Brianna Marie Foster
    DH: Michael Allen Foster

    Birth 1: boy (I'm a mix of a lot of different things but mainly European)
    Orlando Vitale Foster

    Birth 2: boy
    Hudson Bronx Foster

    Birth 3: girl
    Gemma Pearl Foster

    Birth 4: girl
    Ariel Wren Foster

    Birth 5: girl/boy/girl (I have two different colored eyes but they're both have a hazel tint to them)
    Emmeline Louisa Foster
    Lucan Otto Foster
    Ellery Beatrix Foster

    Birth 6: twin girls
    Matilda Iris Foster
    Phoebe Agnes Foster

    Orlando, Hudson, Gemma, Ariel, Emmeline, Lucan, Ellery, Matilda and Phoebe

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    Your name: Brooke Kathryn Quentin
    Partner's name: Lyle Andrew Quentin

    Birth #1: Dion Lorenzo

    Birth #2: Hudson Bronx

    Birth #3: Gemma Ivory

    Birth #4: Alya Wren

    Birth #5: Emmett Orion & Harlow Beatrix

    Birth #6: Eleanora Iris & Josephine Isadora

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    Your name: Ellen Simone Hudson
    Partner's name: Vincent Gabriel Hudson

    Birth #1: Cruz Roman Hudson
    Birth #2: Zair Jordan Hudson & Zion Shiloh Hudson
    Birth #3: Moss Dove Hudson
    Birth #4: Seth Jacob Hudson
    Birth #5: Birdie Virginia Hudson & Milo Felix Hudson
    Birth #6: Cecily Arabella Hudson

    Ellen, Vince & kids: Cruz, Zion, Zair, Moss, Seth, Bird, Ceci.
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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