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    Feb 2013
    DH: John Emrys Whitlock
    DW: Lielle Black Whitlock

    Birth 1: I'm 1/4 Irish
    G: Eileen Bidelia

    Birth 2: I've visited Thailand, Malaysia, Rarotonga and I've previously lived in New Zealand
    B/B: Jericho Zion & Judah Shamir

    Birth 3: My Birthstone is Sapphire
    B: Roan Moss

    Birth 4: Go the Narwhal!
    B: Glade Ranger (or Glade Frost)

    Birth 5: Blue Eyed
    G/G: Catharina Blossom & Sonata Calypso (or Calypso Sonata)

    Birth 6: Two siblings
    B: Orion Beau

    Thanks! That was really fun!
    Wonder Child
    17 year old wannabe writer with a name obsession
    Flint, Roth, Solo, Ade, Roan, Thane, Ransom, Wilder/Cerise, Drina, Isis, Ariana, Lysandra, Miranda, Eve

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    Feb 2013

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    Oct 2012
    SO's Name: Ty Alexander
    My Name: Charlotte Harper

    Birth #1: Matteo Rafaele
    Birth #2: Kensington Brooklyn (g)
    Birth #3: Jet Emery
    Birth #4: North Cedar
    Birth #5: Willa Hazel & Noam Xavier
    Birth #6: Damien Oliver

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    Oct 2011
    Saoirse Foxglove Eponine Cecilia Muirenn Eidelweiss Yvaine Theodosia Snowdrop Aphrodite Gwenllian Rose Greer Belinda Roisin Antigone Snow White Fantine Edwina Judith Nightingale Isabeau Noor Poinsettia Sansa Loveday Winifred Bernadette Sybil Françoise
    Jude Perrin Heathcliff Enjolras Griffin Alexandre Hugo Evelyn Meriadoc Horace Coinneach Aslan Silas Hadrian Ismaël Erwann Draco Renly Rowan Flick Diarmuid Paris Waldo Ludovic Cecil Peregrin Snapdragon Oswald Iver Campion

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    Jun 2012
    Name obsessed, simple as that. I especially love classic, vintage, modern, biblical, french & floral names.
    Miriam Elise*Poppy Celeste*Edith Willow*Margot Helena*Audrey Elisabeth*Charlotte Mary*Matilda June*
    Iris Margareta*Beatrice Jane*Vivienne Claire*Ruby Caroline*Phoebe Elysia*Agatha Louise

    James Henry*Owen Nicholas*Caleb James*Isaiah Paul*William August*Sebastian Charles*Gabriel Andrew*
    Lucas Edward*Alexander John

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