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    Nov 2011
    - Lucy Marlowe - Abigail Darcy - Everly Eden - Bellamy Lux - Isla Pearl - Ophelia Jayne - Juniper Claire -Zoe Amadea - Aria Lysann

    - Theodore River - Paxton Elijah - Felix Raleigh - Logan Ambrose - Luis Raphael - Jonah Taddeo

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    Lexington, KY
    Patricia Ann
    Ian Keith

    Birth #1: girl; Maeve Juno
    Birth #2: b/g twins; Kingston Rio & Abilene Cairo
    Birth #3: girl; Jewel Peridot
    Birth #4: girl; Aya Sparrow
    Birth #5: g/g twins; Sylvie Echo & Bliss Dido
    Birth #6: boy; Clancy Beau

    Maeve, Kingston, Abilene, Jewel, Aya, Sylvie, Bliss, and Clancy
    new username @finch

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    Birth #1:
    - If you are of European descent (French, German, Italian, et c.), you have a boy. FN and MN from:
    Alessandro Matteo

    Birth #2:
    - If you have traveled outside your country to more than three different places, you have B/B twins. FN and MN from:
    Jordan Shiloh and Judah Zair

    Birth #3:
    - If your birthstone is opal, topaz, or tanzanite (October, November, or December), you have a girl. FN and MN from:
    Ruby Jade and Gemma Coral

    Birth #4:
    - If your favorite animal is something else, you have a boy. FN and MN from:
    Tate Ranger

    Birth #5:
    - If you have blue eyes, you have G/G twins. FN and MN from:
    Loretta Imogen and Avalon Havana

    Birth #6:
    - If you have 1 or 2 siblings, you have a boy. FN and MN from:
    Max Barnaby

    Alessandro, Jordan, Judah, Ruby, Gemma, Tate, Etta, Ava and Max.
    ○ chelsea ○ eighteen ○ australia ○

    ○ Margot Amelia ○ Estelle India ○
    ○ Leila Olivia Isobel Zoe Eva ○

    ○ Edward Alexander ○ Archer Sebastian ○
    ○ Maxwell Hunter Flynn Noah Jack ○

    ○ current combo crush ○
    ○ Leila, Flynn and Zoe ○

    ○ please vote on my NEW nameslist here

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    DH: Noah Benjamin
    DW: Ella Kate
    DS: Willem Olivier
    DD/DD: Eden Georgia and Virginia Ireland
    DD: Coralie Pearl
    DD: Wren Sparrow
    DS/DD/DS: Arthur Lucan, Avalon Fay, and Tristan Percival
    DS: Max Damian
    Noah and Ella and their children; Will, Eden, Ginny, Cora, Wren, Arthur, Avalon, Tristan, and Max.

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    Your name: Jena Elise
    Partner's name: Heath Robert
    Birth #1:
    - If you are of British or Irish descent, you have a girl.
    Name: Erin Shannon
    Birth #2:
    - If you have never traveled outside your country, you have a single baby girl.
    Name: Chelsea Astoria

    Birth #3:
    - If your birthstone is ruby, peridot, or sapphire (July, August, or September), you have a boy.
    Name: Sterling Gray

    Birth #4:
    - If your favorite animal is something else, you have a boy.
    Name: Tate Story

    Birth #5:
    - If you have brown eyes, you have B/G twins.
    Name: Audrey Scarlett and Milo Carter

    Birth #6:
    - If you are an only child, you have a girl.
    Name: Juliana Aurora

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