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    Rate the sibsets

    Sometimes we wonder how well names will sound together for siblings of our family. Feel free to make up sibsets or test out some ideas of your own to get rated!

    We will rate each out of 10, 10 being great 0 being terrible. Feel free to leave some advice to make a sibsets better if you'd like.

    Take the last 4 sibsets and rate them, removing he first and adding yours as the 5th to get the most rates possible!

    1. Ronan Garrett, Kian Connor, Brenna Elizabeth, & Myra Scarlett
    Archer, Atlas, Cooper, Dallas, Emmett, Kian, Levi, Miller, Otto, Ronan, Tucker

    Brenna, Bridget, Clara, Eliza, Maeve, Myra, Neela, Raya, Rosa, Violet

    Middles - forms of Connie, Gary, Rose/Elizabeth, and Scott
    Connor, Conrad, Conway, Garret, Edgar, Garrison, Margaret, Roscoe, Roslyn, Elias, Elijah, Scarlett, Scotia, Prescott, Scooter

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