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    Your Name: Christina Jane
    Partner's Name: Theodore Landon

    Birth #1: 6. G/G Twins
    Sophie Elizabeth & Hadley Kate

    Birth #2: 2. B/B/G Trips
    Wyatt Leo/Nash Bradley/Georgia Reese

    Birth #3: 3. B/G/B/G/B Quints
    Drew Thomas/Kaia Violet/Harrison Henry/Everly Rose/Malcolm Jack

    Birth #4: 6. Your Choice but names are after Names You Love
    Haven Blair/Cassius Miller

    Birth #5: 1-3. Are All G/G/G Trips
    Ophelia Monroe/Maisie Odette/Margot Lux

    Birth #6: 5-6 All Boy Sextuplets (6)
    Beau William/Atticus John/Holden James/Huxley Camden/Marshall Brody/Silas Tanner
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    Your Name: Heath Robert
    Partner's Name: Jena Elise

    DS/DS: Bennett Thomas and Foster Jackson
    DS/DS/DS: Aaron Chase, Caleb Pierce and Wesley Nathaniel
    DD/DS/DD/DS/DD: Harper Quinn, Lucas William, Norah Erin, Archer Joseph and Emerson Drew
    DD/DD: Avery Rose and Kate Christine [family members]
    DS/DS/DS: Silas Knox, Declan Maxwell and Tucker Blaine
    DD/DD/DD/DD/DD/DD: Penelope Gwen, Charlotte Jolie, Georgia Scarlett, Hadley Sophia, Lorelei Genevieve and Presley Hope

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    Memphis James Cordon & Thomasina Jane Cordon

    Berlin Amos
    Galway Simon
    Oslo Patrick
    Everest Leonard

    (all have place names, like dad)

    Callum Jericho
    Flynn Jedidiah
    Georgiana Judith

    (all have British names, like mom)

    Sapphire Claire
    Demeter Blythe
    Aurelia Fern
    Cormac Abe
    Cedar Finn

    (all have autumn names for when they were born with one-syllable middles like parents)

    Sunday Thomasina

    (named after mom and her favorite day of the week)

    Hazel May
    Olive June
    Lilac April

    (all named for dad’s favorite colors/trees and springtime)

    Silas Enzo
    Gideon Milo
    Abram Nico
    Marshall Hugo
    Cyrus Matteo

    (names of their friends, middles all end in o)

    Berl, Way, Oz, Ever, Cal, Flynn, Gigi, Fire, Demi, Aura, Mac, Ced, Sunny, Haze, Liv, Lila, Si, Giddy, Abe, Mars, Russ
    Currently crushing on:

    Russell. Calloway. Brighton.

    Evadne. Cecelia. Thomasina.

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    Your Name: Elizabeth Sophia Cross (Liz, 41)
    Partner's Name: Daniel David Cross (Danny, 43)

    Birth #1: Quads, 4 Girls

    Josephine Kate, Emmeline Elise, Annabelle Corine & Amelie Gage; "Josie, Emme, Belle & Amelie"

    Birth #2: Quads, 2 Boys & 2 Girls (B/G/G/B)

    Henry Alexander, Ayla Maria, Chloe Eve & Nicolae Aaden; "Henry, Ayla, Chloe & Nico"

    Birth #3: Quints, 3 Boys & 2 Girls

    Beckham Ezra, Calix Abe, Rylan Evan, Isobel Rain, Lily Rebecca; "Beck, Cal, Rylan, Isobel & Lily"

    Birth #4: Triplets, 1 Boy & 2 Girls

    Eric Gustav, Sandra Lynette & Magdalina Gabriella; "Eric, Sandy & Maggie"

    Birth #5: Triplets, 3 Boys

    Lucas Evander, Alistair Matthew, Cato Vincent; "Luke, Al & Cato"

    Birth #6: Sextuplets, 6 Girls

    Ada Amaya, Lila Mercedes, Vivienne Cymbeline, Scarlett Theodosia, Nora Sophia & Evangeline Maria; "Ada, Lila, Vivienne, Scarlett, Nora & Eva"

    Josie, Emme, Belle, Amelie, Henry, Ayla, Chloe, Nico, Beck, Cal, Rylan, Isobel, Lily, Eric, Sandy, Maggie, Luke, Al, Cato, Ada, Lila, Vivienne, Scarlett, Nora & Eva
    What's in a Name? That Which We Call a Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet.
    -William Shakespeare-

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