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    Your Name: Leah Theresa Bennett
    Partner's Name: Damian Robert Bennett

    Birth #1: Katherine "Kat" Rose and Elizabeth "Libby" Violet

    Birth #2: Victoria "Tori" Lily and James Damian

    Birth #3: Nicholas "Nick" Robert, Caroline Ivy, Jasper "Jaz" Allen, Sophia Bryony, Jeffrey "Jeff" Stephen

    Birth #4: William "Will" Scott, Allegra "Ali" Fleur, Charlotte Calla

    Birth #5: Henry Paul, Thomas Leo, Frederick "Freddy" Aaron

    Birth #6: Dylan Michael, Blair Primrose, Logan Joseph, Paige Lilac, Jackson "Jack" Victor, Riley Camellia


    Damian and Leah - ages 45 and 42 respectively. Damian has blonde hair and blue eyes while Leah has red hair and blue eyes. Damian is a firefighter who is strong, ambitious, caring, compassionate, and intelligent. Leah is a clinical child psycologist who is kind, loving, gentle, and a firecracker.

    Kat and Libby are fraternal twins, but still look startingly alike. They both have strawberry blonde hair, but Kat's is straight and Libby's is in soft curls. Kat wears her hair short and Libby's is half way down her back. They both have blue eyes, but different shades. Kat is a bookworm and wants to major in English when she does to college in the fall. Libby is a mathematical whiz and is looking into actuarial science as a major. They are 19.

    Tori and James are now 17 years old. Tori is a honey blonde with the biggest and most gorgeous crystal blue eyes I have ever seen. She is a typical girly girl and loves zebra print, sparkles, bows, pink, lime green, and anything floral. She's on her high school basketball team (which has won states for 5 years in a row and is favored to win this year too) as a starter. It's phenomenal for a junior and we are so very proud. James is on the football team and has been called the "All-American" player in our State. He looks it too, with his short blonde hair and bright blue eyes. The two are very close to each other. I know that James has scared off many boys that were interested in his sister. As the oldest boy, he is fiercly protective of his sisters, even Kat and Libby.

    Nick, Caroline, Jaz, Sophia, and Jeff were a miracle themselves. 3 years of trying for another baby didn't play out the way we hoped, so we turned to fertility treatments. We got our wish the very first time. Now, our little miracles are are 14 years old, happy, and healthy. Caroline and Sophia are identical twins with reddish brown hair (we have no idea why their hair is darker than anyone else in the family) and dark blue eyes. Nick, Jaz, and Jeff are havoc times 3. They love to pull pranks on their sisters and are given tips from James. They all have blonde hair to varying degrees and have blue eyes. Well, all except Jeff. He has one blue and and one green eye!

    By now we knew that multiples obviously ran in our families. Triplets without fertility treatments are very rare. But somehow we managed it. Will, Ali, and Charlotte were born 4 years after the quints by total surprise. I felt totally overwhelmed when we brought three more babies into a house of 11 already. Kat and Libby were 10 when the triplets were born and they helped a lot. Plus Damian had finally received a steady job at his law firm where he had flexible hours and a great pay. We had the support of our entire community too. Now, the triplets are almost 11 years old. Will is striving to be exactly like his big brother James. He has always look up to him since Will could walk. Ali and Charlotte are our little ballerinas at a National Title Holder dance school. The girls have recently begun training with the competition team and will be competing with the upcoming season! Will is a little blonde haired, blue eyed cutie. Ali and Charlotte have bright red hair that falls in soft curls with huge blue eyes.

    After 3 years, we decided that we finally had a handle on our crazy life with our 12 children. So, we tried for just one more baby. Seriously, that's all we wanted. But God had his own plans. We received identical triplet boys we named Henry, Thomas, and Freddy. Now they are starting kindergarten and are happy little boys. They love t-ball, soccer, and hockey. They are all strawberry blonde, but Freddy's has brown highlights in it. These boys are now 8 years old and very excited about everything they get to do!

    Fast forward 5 years. Kat and Libby are 17 years old, Tori and James are 15, The Quints are 12, Will and Ali and Charlotte are 8, and The Boys are 5! We were done. Totally, 100% finished! BUT then my sister died. Her last wish, whether it be sarcastic or not, was for Zach and I to have 20 children. That sounds pretty far fetched right? But at the time of her death we already had 15 kids! We were not going to try for 20, but Zach and I did want to have another baby or babies. We would let nature take its course. But we turned to IVF because I was already getting too old to have babies. Well, my sister must have had a talk with God becase we were blessed with SEXTUPLETS!!!! I was beyond scared. I was petrified! When the doctor sugessted reducing them though, I couldnt do it. These were my babies, my gifts from my sister! So, I had Dylan, Blair, Logan, Paige, Jack, and Riley on October 12...My sister's birthday. Now they are 3 years old and thriving. Blair has glasses and Jack has slight ADHD, but other than that they are all healthy.
    just a name nerd with lots of plans.
    Childhood cancer has names too. Never forget Ronan, Talia, Ty, and all the other children suffering

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    Your Name: Marta Georgiane
    Husband's Name: Levi William

    Birth 1: G/G Twins
    Nora Catherine
    Eliza Bridget

    Birth 2: B/B/G Triplets
    Edwin Graham
    Leo Bennett
    Clara Abigail

    Birth 3: B/G/G/B/G Quints
    Bram Conrad
    Adelaide Wren
    Zara Margaret
    Luca Sebastian
    Penna Juliet

    Birth 4: G
    Amelia Caroline

    Birth 5: B/B/B Triplets
    Micah Nathaniel
    Hugh Anderson
    Ewan Luther

    Birth 6: B/B/B/B/B/B Sextuplets
    Jonas Harrison
    Nico Sawyer
    Malcolm Noah
    Julian Otto
    Gregor Simon
    Everett Jackson

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    Alexander Owen ~ Patrick Thomas ~ Jeremy Shea ~ Nolan Jack ~ Conor Arlo ~ Evan Daniel ~ Samuel Mark
    Nora ~ Claire ~ Stella ~ Maura ~ Madeleine ~ Violet ~ Victoria ~ Ava ~ Gabrielle ~ Leah ~ Soleil

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    Strive not to be a success, but rather of value
    ~Albert Einstein~

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    Birth #1: Quads
    Girl: Ava Kassidie
    Girl: Bailey Eliza
    Girl: Chloe Emilee
    Girl: Delaney Kristyn "Laney"

    Birth #2: Triplets
    Boy: Kolton Brady
    Boy: Kamden Mason
    Boy: Karsen James

    Birth #3: Quints
    Girl: Isla Paisley
    Girl: Amelia Piper
    Girl: Tessa Pearl
    Boy: Noah Parker
    Boy: Jackson Preston

    Birth #4: Twins
    Boy: Austin Harold
    Girl: Kathan Brooke "Kate"

    Birth #5: Triplets
    Boy: Bryce Ezra
    Boy: Brendon Gus
    Boy: Bentley Owen

    Birth #6: Sextuplets
    Girl: Josie Harlow
    Girl: Kinsley Rose
    Girl: Teagan Gemma
    Girl: Adalynn Elsie "Adie"
    Girl: Maci Scarlett
    Girl: Aria Bristol

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